Contested Democratic Convention In The Future – How Do You Vote?

Disappointed in the results from yesterdays 5 primaries? Don’t be. Of the 5 contests, 4 were closed primaries, open only to Democrat or Republican voters. Independents were allowed in 1 primary, where Sanders won the contest. Though you might have accidentally run across misinformation from mainstream media, there is no reason to activate the rage you feel as a progressive idealist…yet. Results are being contested by individuals reporting evidence of broken machines removing votes and ballot choices changing before their eyes.

Connecticut – Sanders emerges with 25 delegates, Clinton 27

Delaware – Sanders emerges with 9 delegates, Clinton 12

Maryland – Sanders emerges with 32 delegates, Clinton 59

Pennsylvania – Sanders emerges with 67, Clinton 95

Rhode Island – Sanders emerges with 13 delegates, Clinton 11

Delegate count from 4/26/16 – Sanders 146 – Clinton 204

Though its easy to concentrate on a 50 delegate lead from yesterday, it’s truly not important in April. Over 700 superdelegates will be in play at a contested democratic national convention this summer, as well as small changes in audited polling locations. President Obama enjoyed late game delegates success against Clinton, a phenomenon she should be prepared for again. As fraud is reported and investigated, Sanders has consistently picked up additional delegates in contested states. Election Justice USA has vowed to keep New York from certifying election results as the assigned judge pushed the hearing on counting provisional ballots back to accommodate the requests of New York election boards. Superdelegates continue to be used in total counts from mainstream media, misleading the average voter and demoralizing where ever possible. There is a very easy 333 pledged delegate lead count between Clinton and Sanders, which could be overtaken by California primary results alone due to their 475 delegates. In June, there are 781 pledged delegates up for grabs.

What is most impressive from this primary cycle? The ability that Sanders has to draw people to his platform even as Clinton loses fans with each new flip flop to match the Sanders platform. Sanders is a proponent of progressive ideals and rights for all, while Clinton’s neoliberal policies and history of lining her pockets has become distasteful to a large base of democratic voters. A contested convention is almost guaranteed as the 42% of independent voters in this country fight back against closed primaries that do not allow all voices to be heard. One notable Independent hears Sander’s voice.


Speculation of  Sanders/Stein ticket began swirling around the internet as Clinton’s campaign insinuated it would be asking Senator Elizabeth Warren to accept the VP nomination from Clinton. Though Warren has not officially endorsed either democratic candidate, her actions for justice and the ‘little guy’ has demonstrated her enthusiastic track record of progressive platforms similar to Sanders. Stein recently penned an “Open Letter” to Sanders encouraging cooperation. Read it HERE.

If the democratic nomination is not reached by Bernie Sanders, what are the possible options for a nation of independent voters? Independence and the forced eruption of a new political system that acknowledges independent voters, and voters willing to cross party lines for their beliefs? A 3 party system? Write in presidential nominations? Any of these fracture the demand the DNC and RNC have on it’s members to hold party choices upright. What happens if registered republicans and expected to vote for Trump? What happens if democratic voters are expected to elect Clinton? A rift and divide becomes forced by the democratic and republican parties itself, forcing independent voters to speak their mind and vote independent. Many Sanders supporters have stated they will never vote for Clinton, while Clinton supporters say they’d never vote at all if she doesn’t get the nomination.

If, and this is a big if, Clinton, Trump, and Sanders/Stein run in November, who would you vote for?


Contested Convention - How Do You Vote in November?

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