9 College Mock Elections That Sanders Recently Won – Most by a Landslide

One thing that is very clear, Bernie Sanders has electrified a group of people that literally are the future of this country. I’ve known this for a while, partly based on the fact that my own kids are huge Bernie Sanders fans. One of them is a 20 year old sophomore in college and she tells me that his support at her school is massive. I doubt don’t it after researching mock elections held recently across the country. And he doesn’t just win, he wins by a landslide almost everywhere.

Below are 9 Mock Elections that he’s won lately – held at colleges across the country.

Western Picks Bernie
The Mock Presidential Election, presented by the Centennial Honors College, concluded last night with Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders dominating the electoral vote along with running mate Martin O’Malley, winning 404 representatives compared to the 114 awarded to the Republican ticket with Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

ASU students mock-elect Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush
The votes are in: Arizona State University students want Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Jeb Bush to go head to head in the 2016 presidential election. Or at least hundreds of them do. ASU Mock Election results: Democratic Bernie Sanders 63% – Hillary Clinton 30%  – Martin O’Malley 7%.

Bernie Sanders Wins WIU’s Historically Accurate Mock Election
WIU recently held their traditional mock election. It is an incredibly intricate and organized event starting with primary and caucuses and finishing up with a mock general election. On the Democratic side for the Primaries Sanders won by close to a 2 to 1 margin over challenger Hillary Clinton.

NYU Mock Election Results – Sanders with a near clean sweep
University Wide Winner: BERNIE SANDERS

North Essex Community College 2015 Mock Election
With a whopping 63 percent of the vote, Bernie Sanders is the clear winner.

Bernie Sanders Wins Burroughs Vote for President
The results were: Bernie Sanders 64 votes, Donald Trump 37 votes, Hillary Clinton 25 votes, Jeb Bush 12 votes, Ben Carson 6 votes, Marco Rubio 2 votes, and Lincoln Chaffee and Rand Paul each with 1 vote.

Sanders, Rubio Winners in Presidential Primary Straw Poll at Saint Anselm College
Sanders received over 60% of Democratic votes cast in the mock election, with challenger Hillary Clinton showing over 35% of her party’s votes.

2015 Mock Election Sacramento State
Bernie Sanders 42% – Hillary Clinton 23%

Earlier this month, the American Democracy Project held a mock election allowing students to vote and voice their opinions on who they wanted to be the next president of the United States. Students could stop by the Memorial Union to cast their votes on which of the nineteen candidates they felt was best suited to lead our country. Bernie Sanders … 44.89% – Hillary Clinton … 7.14%

Sanders also recently won the Iowa Youth Caucus, along with these other polls and mock elections.

Iowa Youth Caucus 2015 Mock Election
Sanders 53% – O’Malley 24% – Clinton 15%

Sanders Bests Clinton by 42 Points in Allen University Drum Poll
Sanders Wins National Drum Poll in a Landslide – well that is if you consider a 42% victory a landslide.

Harmony Students Stage Mock Election
The winner of the Democratic primary election is Senator Bernie Sanders

County students participate in mock caucus
Sanders winning the mock precinct by being the only viable candidate

The kids are definitely Feelin’ The Bern!

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G.A. Dunlap