An Image of True Dedication, Supported by the American People

Bernie ss-For 30 years (and quite possibly longer), Bernie Sanders – as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, House Representative, Senator – has not conveniently changed his views. He has always pursued the advancement of those policies that are essential for the well-being of the American people, whether on a local, state or national level. His voting record in Congress has been consistent since he was elected.

Although he experienced some repercussions during his climb up the political ladder, he persevered, intent on fulfilling the promises he made to his voters. As his popularity grew during the early stages of his political career, one can observe the determination, skill and willingness to come to bipartisan solutions that then-mayor Sanders displayed.

This honesty and dedication Sanders has shown in serving to further the economic interests of the entire populace and in campaigning for progress in our country has differentiated him from other candidates (charitably, we might describe some of Sanders’s opponents as ‘flexible’).

Bernie Sanders’s exceptional virtue, rare to find these days, moves even some Republicans to endorse him. Apparently, the majority (often the overwhelming majority) of Americans agree with the economic policies Senator Sanders advocates. This, taken together with the observation that our politics are often doing the exact opposite, shows just how right the 2016 presidential nominee is when he says that politics has been distorted by ‘big money’.

Apropos of that, Bernie is one of the few presidential candidates who have steadfastly refused to create a Super-PAC or to accept any money from “billionaires”, as it is stated on his campaign website. Sanders has proven – several times – that all it takes to be a successful politician and gain widespread support is to represent the will of the people.

With the election still a year off, the Senator has already garnered the support that his social democratic stance merits. But let us not be deceived – we still have a long way to go. Sanders states that he needs a great grassroots movement, or he will not be able to achieve the policies he advocates, even as President.

This all makes the social democrat an optimal president, in my opinion. Vote for Sanders 2016!

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