April 26 is the Deadline to Choose Party Affiliation in Oregon

Oregon’s primary election will be held on May 17 and while Democratic contender Bernie Sanders is expected to do well in the state, the closed primary process of that state adds one more step for voters hoping to vote for the Vermont Senator.

Voters that would like to participate will need to choose their party affiliation by April 26, 2016. That can be done online HERE or Oregon residents can fill out a Hard Copy and get it to one of THESE locations by the deadline.

Voters can also find a voter registration card at a post office, library or county elections office.  Fill out the card completely, including the registration updates section at the bottom of the card and return the card for processing to their county elections office.

Oregon Secretary of State turned registering to vote or choosing party affiliation in that state into poetry. #DemocracyHaiku

Although Oregon does have a closed primary they are very progressive when it comes to registering votes. They have a program called motor voter, a new law which registers eligible citizens to vote when they get a driver’s license. According to an article on KGW, more than 34,000 have been registered through the program as of March.

So make sure you tell everyone you know in Oregon that if they want to help avoid part of the mess that happened in the state of New York, they’ll have to take just a few minutes to choose the Democratic Party if they wish to vote for Bernie Sanders. And we know they want to, Oregon loves Bernie.


G.A. Dunlap

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    April 26, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Why is it so bloody hard to vote? Voter suppression is a republican scam.

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