Arizona Voter Suppression petition reaches over 100,000 in under 48 hours!


You did it! The petition, which started on 3/22/2016, has already surpassed the 100,000 signature goal. 115,372 at the time of this article. To achieve this in under 48hrs is pretty remarkable.

The issue will now be put in a queue to await response from the White House. Is it a win? It sure is. This petition will make it very hard to sweep the issue of voter suppression in AZ under the rug. Which is, in the words of Bernie Sanders, “Yooj!”

TBR would like to thank each and every person that has already signed for taking a stand for all parties involved. Democratic Voters and Republicans alike were affected by the 70% decrease in polling stations across AZ.

Now the tough question. Is it enough? No. There is another petition that is of even more importance to sign. That would be the petition to do the election over again. It now sits at 21,896 signatures.

Why is this so important? As you may have seen, the mayor of Phoenix (Greg Stanton @MayorStantonhas already made a statement saying that he would call for an investigation. What he did not say, was anything addressing how to fix what just happened two days ago in time for this election cycle (which affects the next 4 years!)

Thousands of people were not allowed to vote.

Is Greg Stanton going to make it possible for them to Vote? And while we are at it, what about the independents (which make up 30+% of AZ’s voting population) that didn’t get to vote at all? Is he going to make sure their votes count this election?

All of these questions will be evaded if we don’t stand up and demand a new and fair election be held THIS election cycle. The oligarchy would love for you to stop now. They want you to ignore that over a ¼ of the AZ citizens didn’t get a chance to Vote at all. They want you to settle with an investigation, and not demand that every man and women in AZ be heard in what is possibly the most important election in the last 40 years. What are you gonna do about it? Click here to sign petition 

Author Notes: The petition, although started with “Voter Fraud” as part of the title, was actually meaning “Election Fraud”. I’m sure whoever started it was in a fit of rage at the time : ) Understandably. (let’s give them a break on that one)

Also I’m sure if it were me in AZ, I would be thinking “But I already voted after standing in line for 5 flipping hours, I don’t want to vote again!” To you I can only reply: How important are the next 4 years to you? If you force AZ to make express voting for all people with I.D., and within a reasonable wait period, it should be worth it on multiple accounts. Because really all states should allow you to vote at 18 period (as our good friend Greg says.) And no one should be turned away because of their party affiliation.

You absolutely should not be punished for your state’s incompetence. But real democracy is hard as hell to come by these days. And darn it you’re worth it.



North East

North East is a self described Bernie enthusiast. Loves his wife and children, music, and honest conversation about real issues. When he's not dreaming up new creative explorations, he is working on them while enjoying what life has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Arizona Voter Suppression petition reaches over 100,000 in under 48 hours!

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    March 25, 2016 at 5:40 am

    Great article, now I’m just waiting to hear what President Obama has to say. And quick FYI, since this article was published 4 hours ago, there have been almost 25k more signatures. It’s now almost at 140k total signatures and shows no sign of slowing down. Holla!

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    March 25, 2016 at 8:44 am

    I think early voting was a huge problem for Bernie in this AZ election, and might continue to be so. I’ve only managed to look at the data from Pima County, where there were 96,000 votes on the Dem side, but here’s the gist of what I found:

    About 30-35 thousand of those votes were cast by early ballot BEFORE MARCH 9TH! And by March 15th it was close to 60,000. By election day, 83,000 early ballots had been cast for Pima County.

    Now let me tell you this: among the first 6000 election day ballots counted in Pima, about 56% went to Bernie. In Maricopa County, it seems that about 60% of 30,000 election day ballots went to Bernie, while 61% of 180,000 early ballot votes went to Hillary!…

    Think about that… I think a revote is pretty likely to Bern AZ…

    There’s a serious problem with early voting. I really hope the same doesn’t go down in Wisconsin, where early voting started a few days ago…

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    March 26, 2016 at 12:31 am

    Thank you Laurie. Great update as well! It’s unreal. We are now at 175,199. The people have spoken.

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