Bernie Marches With the People While Clinton Takes Selfies With Pop-Stars

Bernie NovemberThis website has made a point for the most part to mirror Bernie’s official campaign and largely avoids trashing or going negative against any other candidates, whether it is on this website or social media. It seemed prudent at the time and I’ll explain why. Clinton, along with her insiders and the pundits wouldn’t even mention Bernie. They thought he didn’t have a chance. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz still won’t even mention Bernie’s name. But now they all have to say his name and we, like the official campaign will point out differences in the two campaigns. Since when is telling the truth going negative?

What’s happened lately though is apparently they have finally realized what we have known for quite a while and that is Bernie actually has MORE support than Clinton does. The largest block of voters are younger voters, the millennials, and he has the vast majority of their support and if you took all the money from every super-PAC and combined it, there isn’t enough to change that. These people want Bernie and the political world seemingly just woke up to this, although they’ve likely known for a little while. See [post-debate hornet’s nest]

Last night at the ever important Jefferson Jackson dinner in Iowa, Bernie Sanders as a pre-cursor to the night’s events marched with the people. People of every color and creed. American people that demand change.

What was Clinton doing? She was taking selfies with pop-star Katy Perry who was in Iowa to perform for Clinton’s fans. A funny thing about that though is that when Perry recently announced she was backing Clinton her fanbase was not happy and they let her know on social media.

When it came time for the speeches, Bernie although he didn’t mention Clinton by name, was as clear as he could be that he has been consistent for his entire political life, something Clinton cannot claim. She has come under fire for changing her position on several key issues that are important to the American voter, or as she puts it, she’s evolved. Whether it’s the Keystone Pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Iraq War or Gay Marriage, Bernie was on the right side of these issues from day one. Clinton has been accused of changing her positions on these issues based on which direction would gain the most votes.

The Clinton camp isn’t happy though. Chairman of Hillary’s campaign, John Podesta In an interview on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, said Sanders went negative against Clinton in his speech at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson dinner on Saturday.

Podesta says, “I think Bernie Sanders seemed to have a course correction in the [Jefferson Jackson] dinner from one in which he said he wasn’t going to go negative to – to obviously focusing his, you know, his fire on her,” Podesta said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

Pointing out the truth is not negative. 

And yes Bernie, took off the gloves a little bit but Clinton actually did it first. She has accused Bernie of sexism when he says we need to stop shouting about guns. The reality is that he was saying that long before she even mentioned guns much in this campaign, so he clearly was not talking about her. [insert “You’re So Vain” from Carly Simon sound byte here]

Sanders’ press secretary, Symone Sanders, told Yahoo News on Sunday that she was surprised by some of the coverage of his speech.

“I saw some reports saying,you know, ‘Oh, the senator like smacked Hillary, slapped Hillary, attacked her.’ Those were not slaps, attacks, and smacks, but they were differentiating on the issues,” Symone said. “The senator has a really strong record to stand on, so he’s going to stand on it.”

“I think what folks saw last night, you know, was Bernie came out and was being a little more pointed in his record, if you will. … Prior to last night, he had not drawn as stark a contrast of where he stands as opposed to the other candidates. I think that is definitely true,” Symone explained. “Folks that have said, ‘Bernie came out of the gate and said where he stands.’ Yes, he did, so I don’t think you haven’t seen that, but you wont see him directly attack.”

“He has never done a negative attack ad in his life and he has never gone on a negative campaign,” Symone said. “Bernie’s not going to start doing these interviews talking about how, ‘Secretary Clinton’s bad on blah blah blah.’ You know, you’ll never probably hear those words come out of his mouth. And what you will hear is him saying, you know, ‘I believe climate change is the greatest threat to our national security, so it didn’t take me four years to get a position on Keystone.”

Let’s not forget that Clinton’s camp has long said it has no plans to attack Sanders, at least directly, but back in September, Hillary Clinton’s major super PAC Correct the Record sent out an email that seemed to be a knee-jerk reaction to news that Sanders was leading the polls in a few states. It was clearly an attack but most people seemed to consider the source and it was quickly dismissed.

Bernie Sanders and The People march to the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Iowa

So Sanders, the independent Vermont senator, used his speech to draw sharp contrasts with Clinton on a number of issues. That’s not exactly going negative, in our book that is just telling the truth.

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G.A. Casebeer

One thought on “Bernie Marches With the People While Clinton Takes Selfies With Pop-Stars

  • October 25, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Clinton’s people are mad that Bernie told the truth? Oh, poor things… guess it’s true that the truth hurts! 😀
    I have been following, liking, and respecting Bernie ever since he was making headlines in Vermont, and have never heard a thing come out of his mouth that I substantially disagree with. He will make a great president, as long as we do the work to get him there. Go out, knock on doors, talk to people, get them registered to vote, help them understand how to research candidates’ voting records, and help them GET to the polls!
    This is completely doable! Let’s ALL #FeelTheBern!

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