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Bernie Sanders Adds Foster The People to His List of Celebrity Endorsers

Bernie Sanders has been adding a lot of new names to his list of celebrity endorsers. He can now add the popular indie band Foster the People to his list. But this wasn’t just any old endorsement, Mark Foster from the band wants to get involved with campaign, really involved. This is huge news!

“After following this man for the last few months and hearing what he has to say, I have decided to support Bernie Sanders and do what I can to help him become the next President of the United States. Last night a group of us met with Mr. Sanders and had a creative meeting about how to spread his message to people that haven’t been educated on what he stands for.

I would love to reach out to all of you for creative ideas and help; so we can come together and radically change the institutions that have controlled this country using fear, power, and greed. From reforming Wall Street & the corruption in corporate America, to proactively addressing climate change. From helping create free college; to providing free health care to everyone. And giving paid maternity leave to new mothers. These aren’t new ideas to a lot of the Western world. But they are new ideas to the United States. And to me they Just Make Sense.

The people truly have the power to change the way this country is run. If we come together and create a collective voice, we can knock down the old walls. With that same voice, we can rebuild something beautiful for our future kids and grandkids. #feelthebern #bernie2016″

-Mark Foster

After following this man for the last few months and hearing what he has to say, I have decided to support Bernie…

Posted by Foster The People on Thursday, October 15, 2015

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