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Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump: Both Threatened By Voting Machine Fraud

photo by PSNy2kUK via YouTube

photo by PSNy2kUK via YouTube

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump may want to start asking for recounts. While normal voters can’t ask for them, candidates do have the right to demand manual recounts in some states. According to Beth Clarkson, if they did, the would discover irrefutable evidence of problems with the vote. On Bernie Sanders side, there is already irrefutable evidence of voter fraud supporting Hillary Clinton, using just her husband’s behavior in Massachusetts. The tactics described by Ms. Clarkson can also be used on Donald Trump, and he, too, may want to start paying attention.

Mrs. Clinton’s anger and temper tantrums are well documented. It would be surprising if the loss of Michigan has not left her feeling both angry and more than a little desperate. This is her second run. She won’t get a third. Add to that the DNC’s more than aggressive support for Mrs. Clinton, and Bill Clinton’s current voter fraud efforts, and suddenly voter machine manipulation no longer seems quite so incredible. It’s not like it has never happened before, though it is designed to be subtle.

Beth Clarkson lives in Kansas and is a professional statistician and an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer. She found certain patterns in the election results, and was quite astonished. She found that, as the votes in a precinct increase, so does the vote share for the candidate favored by the Washington establishment. Beth states this pattern is not the result of random chance and voter demographics do not explain it. She believes places like South Carolina and parts of Kansas, where no paper trail exists, or Arizona where the manual hand counting of ballots is not permitted, are especially open to this kind of manipulation.

In states having paper trails, Beth suggests asking for manual recounts of the paper ballots and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trails (VVPAT) whenever possible. Voting laws vary from state to state, and normally provide very little time to request recounts. It is historically accurate to suggest many jurisdictions will balk and try to avoid the recount by using various legal stall tactics A random sample of precincts is sufficient. Ms. Clarkson believes the effort should be made, not just for Bernie and Donald, but for the future of American Democracy.

With the other forms of voter fraud taking place in the primaries, Ms. Clarkson’s concern is a valid one, and worthy of the candidates consideration. Thank you, Beth Clarkson, for your efforts to keep America a Democracy.


  1. Naomi

    The Fraud has to Stop. We the People need to demand there is a Verifiable trail .
    Corruption has to Stop .Demand an Honest Election no matter what party we belong to We the people have to Stand up

  2. Fred

    The “tweaking” of Exit Polls should also be watched. When votes are flipped, the exit polls may be adjusted to match.

    • The exit polls are ALWAYS adjusted to match the recorded vote.
      The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) discusses the matching process in Explaining Exit Polls. But they never mention election fraud as a likely cause of the discrepancies. In actuality the adjusted exit poll crosstabs contaminate the true statistical results and are misleading as they do not reflect the the actual responses of those exit polled.

      ” In close races, the projection models also employ actual vote totals, first in sample precincts as it becomes available and then at the county level for all counties in a state as they become available. It is important to note that after the votes have been counted, the exit poll results are adjusted to match the actual election outcomes. It is in this way that the final exit poll data can be used for its primary and most important purpose – to shed light on why the election turned out the way it did”.

      Exit pollsters at Edison Research should not be making adjustments. But it is standard operating procedure. Why? It is unscientific and hides the actual exit poll results. It serves to cover-up the fraud which is measured by the recorded vote discrepancy .

  3. Although Clinton Won Massachusetts by 2%, Hand Counted Precincts in Massachusetts Favored Bernie Sanders by 17%. Story here:

    The numbers push one too think that the rural areas are more progressive than Boston and all the universes towns. Hand counting is the gold standard. Yes, Verifiable Elections! I’m for pushing candidates like Sanders to take a cold hard look at the status thus far of elections. Its machines vs open democracy. Sanders can win in open democracy but in some states he can’t beat the machines. Very much like Beth open letter to Sanders:

    Others and I are for pushing Sanders to take a cold hard look at the status thus far of elections. Its machines and Election chicanery vs open democracy. Sanders can win in open democracy but in some states he can’t beat the machines. John R Brakey

    • Without fair elections, this is not a democracy.
      Only election fraud can deny Bernie the nomination.
      Only election fraud can deny Bernie the election.

      Thank you for supporting Bernie.