Bernie Sanders Was Interviewed On Ebro In The Morning (Video)

Screenshot - 4_3_2016 , 6_29_59 AMBernie Sanders was interviewed on Ebro in the Morning!

First of all…, lets be honest with ourselves. Hillary Rodham Clinton simply would never do this kind of interview. It is much too loose/honest/unscripted. Hillary would prefer to know all of the questions before hand, or at the very least, know that the interviewer will not have any controversial inquires.

Her ideal interview is one without challenge. One without the collective thoughts of America knocking at the doors of HER reality. Basically a very non Ebro interview. If you don’t know Ebro, I suggest you attempt to get in touch with a part of your community that you may not be that familiar with. Or, if you are a parent, in touch with what your kids are probably paying attention to. Check out Hot 97’s channel here.

But lets get back to the real issues, as Bernie would say.

It is apparent by watching this interview that Ebro has really done his homework, and is subsequently a fan of Bernie’s policies. I would expect nothing less. Ebro and his co host Peter Rosenberg are scholars when it comes to their craft. The music business as a whole, and the social structures that make up the diverse landscape of NY are their playground. And, whether you like them personally or not, they are proficient interviewers that tend to ask the questions that their audience really want answered. You know…. the opposite of what most main stream media does.

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Some detached people would like to diminish the importance of interviews such as these with the caveat of Hot 97 being a “non-substantive” station, filled with “miscreants” or “fame seekers”. What those people would have failed to see is this. Democracy takes all of us. Every class and culture holds weight in our democracy. And your judgments of others are, in the words of The Dude, “just your opinion man.”

All joking aside, the reason that Bernie continues to win over hearts and minds in droves is because he is true to himself. Through and through. And as a people, we crave this. Albeit sometimes unknowingly. But deep down we all want a leader that won’t shy away from the difficult questions. A person that will sit down with whomever, throw on a pair of Beats headphones, and say “if I don’t win the nomination, I will do my best for the people of this nation by supporting the nominee of the democratic party.” That’s presidential. That is the resolve of a true man/woman of the people.

Believe you me, it is no mistake that Hillary has never directly answered that question unless it is in reference to Bernie supporters coming to heel for another Clinton presidency.

We are at a cross roads where a lot more lives could potentially be in danger via war. Whether it be on drugs, other countries, or against our own people. And there is only one candidate who is vehemently against these unnecessary atrocities on human life. Guess who?

Sit back and actually consider the policies of Bernie Sanders. Then consider your family, and the world you would like to leave behind for their future.


North East

North East is a self described Bernie enthusiast. Loves his wife and children, music, and honest conversation about real issues. When he's not dreaming up new creative explorations, he is working on them while enjoying what life has to offer.

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