Bernie Sanders files to run for president in NH Primary

Everyone take a deep breath: Bernie Sanders files to run for president in NH Primary

One thought on “Bernie Sanders files to run for president in NH Primary

  • November 6, 2015 at 4:44 am

    FREE YOUR MINDS!!! Isn’t this what we always complain about after we vote a main stream “Front Runner” Democrat in? How you can’t expect them to be scrupulous. We overlook Hillary’s evasive non answers until she is president? Women are so enamored by the possibility of a woman president they overlook that she can’t really be trusted. “That is what the campaign season is for Hillary, to allow the citizenry to vet you as a candidate for president”.
    Aren’t we tired of settling for the elite’s lap dogs, for a few crumbs? Wouldn’t it be great if we could change things without bloodshed, a peaceful revolution? When are we going to vote for the statesman we complain we never get? When there is one right in front of us!! Stop making excuses for not having a real progressive statesman in office. Stop over thinking the elections and vote your convictions as a progressive and vote for the most progressive candidate we have. Bernie Sanders for President 2016.
    Do you want a progressive in the White House? There is only one way that can happen. Civics 101: The Primary Vote. The primary vote is the most important and the most neglected in our electoral system. The primaries are where “We the People” choose who our “Front Runner” is. Hillary Clinton is no more a “Front Runner” than Bernie Sanders. This is just media propaganda funneling our vote for a conservative, corporate, Wall Street friendly Dem. We all know where Hillary stands on this. Bernie Sanders is a true statesman working with the Democratic Party as a democrat candidate. He has been approved by the DNC to run on their ticket. If a progressive wins the primary by a wide margin over any other candidate then the DNC will have no choice but, to nominate them. The Primaries are the gate way to the general election. If Bernie Sanders wins the Primary He Will win the Presidency.
    This IS the plain and simple truth of the matter. THIS is how our system works, all propaganda aside. The country is coming out in droves to see Bernie in overflowing auditoriums. Even in conservative states he’s climbing and beating Hillary in the polls. If Bernie won the primaries, I believe he would win the presidency, the country is ripe for a progressive and we are starving for it. Stop! Buying into and spreading the propaganda “We can’t have a progressive for president”. Because, this is all it is, propaganda. Not Reality. So, I say let’s “HACK THE SYSTEM BY USING IT!!!! GET OUT THE PROGRESSIVE PRIMARY VOTE!!!!”
    THIS is how we SHOULD be talking about the elections. Let’s not fall victim to the Billion Dollar, Propaganda media telling us who to vote for. That is relinquishing our citizen and civic responsibility. Our system, the primaries, the protocol of voting, IS REALITY. Learn and stick to the plan, the basics, put all propaganda aside.
    Please, share, share, share and repost this everywhere. If you like my message and you think it is important for others to see, be my guest and pass it on. I’m trying to change the way we look and think about our electoral system. But, I’m ill and lack the technical skills to be more effective so, I’m counting on all of you to help. We need a massive get out the progressive primary vote like we haven’t seen in generations.
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