Bernie Sanders – “In Quotes”

Often celebrities are asked for appearances or endorsements by presidential campaigns. Some choose to share their ideas or support without being asked. Some of your favorite one percent-ers support electing Senator Sanders. Why? In their own words…

Rosario Dawson – “Truly, this is a future to believe in. It is not a dream. It is a vision. And it is worth going forth with all of our might.”

Sarah Silverman – “He’s really popular with both sides, everyone likes him, and he’s not for sale, not playing the game and says what he means. He’s been on the right side of history at every turn—not along with history when it becomes popular, but before it’s popular.”

Susan Sarandon – “We need a leader who is courageous and levelheaded in times of crisis.”

Danny Glover – “This campaign is a rare, perhaps even unprecedented event in this country’s modern electoral history. It deserves the support of everyone who favors social and economic justice.”

Ezra Koenig / Chris Tomson (Vampire Weekend) – “It feels a little fun to play a song called ‘Unbelievers’ when there’s a big sign over there that says ‘A future to believe in, maybe when this song was written, it came from a place of frustration or nihilism about the world, but we’re so excited to be here and we feel the same way that you do about Bernie. He’s somebody that we believe in.”

Danny Devito – “a man who speaks the truth, a man who has got the knowledge, a man who has been there for us since the beginning of his career.”

Spike Lee – “When Bernie gets into the White House he will do the right thing,” “No flipping, no flopping,”

Justin Long – “We’re on a roll, America! Next stop: classism + overturning #CitizenUnited by supporting @SenSanders.”

Shailene Woodley – “Democracy is not a spectator sport,”

Mark Ruffalo – “He awoke something in me, and it was his ideas, and it’s his decency, and it’s his record, frankly,” “This guy is exactly who he’s always been, he’s always been fighting for the little guy, and today that just happens to be the very person we need,”

Josh Hutcherson – “I feel like right now this is what we need. We need this revolution. We need someone who can lead us in a way that looks out for all our interests.”

Tommy Chong – “I love Bernie. I love everything about Bernie.”

Leonardo DiCaprio – “Look, not to get political, but listening to Bernie Sanders at that 1st presidential debate was pretty inspiring – to hear what he said about the environment…I mean, when they asked each of the candidates what the most important issue facing our planet is, Bernie Sanders simply said climate change. To me that’s inspiring”

Roseanne Barr – “Bernie is The Better Woman Candidate.”

Seth McFarlane – “You cannot bribe this guy,” MacFarlane joked. “I offered him $10,000 to come out here tonight shirtless and wearing a raw turkey on his head like Mr. Bean. He would not do it.”

Dick Van Dyke – “In Bernie Sanders I see a man saying that the emperor has no clothes, while everyone around him insists they see clothes. Whether or not he makes it to the White House, I hope and pray that everyone hears the alarm he is sounding now, it may be the last voice we ever hear.”

Gabby Hoffmann – “The system doesn’t work for a lot of people, and corruption is at play on every level,” “I’m just terrified of what will happen if we don’t overhaul the whole system.”

Wil Wheaton – “The thing Bernie Sanders says about inequality that no other candidate will touch. So, no surprise here: Bernie Sanders is my choice for president, and things like this are a big reason why.”

Killer Mike –  “I have said in many a rap, I don’t trust the church or the government, a Democrat, Republican, a pope, a bishop or those other men,”  “But after spending five hours tonight, after spending five hours with someone who has spent the last 50 years radically fighting for your rights and mine, I can tell you that am very proud tonight to announce the next president of the United States, Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

Why do they support Bernie Sanders? For the same reason you do – change, equality, and a future to believe in.


Anna McCann

Anna McCann - lives in Las Vegas/Hawaii. Mom, Wife, Pilot, nerd, outdoor enthusiast, hiker, lifeguard, obstacle runner, conservationist who likes to live as off grid as possible and love the land. Controller for a multi media publishing company (for now) and life changer with The Bern Report. I don’t try things, I conquer them. Lets change the world. #NotMeUs

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    April 19, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    I’m a Montana woman supporting Bernie Sanders because he is not beholden to the media ownership, billionaires or large corporations.

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