Bernie Sanders Increases his Lead in the Battle for Facebook

About 5 weeks ago, right around the time that the Bernie Sanders’ Facebook fanpage had overtaken Hillary Clinton’s page, we were asked by People For Bernie Sanders 2016 to do a comparative analysis on both of the candidates’ Facebook pages. Of course we weren’t too shocked to see the engagement rate edge go to Sanders, as his supporters are much more active on social media but what was a little shocking was the extreme edge that he held in that category. At that time, when he or his team would post something on Facebook it would as a rule gain tens of thousand likes with thousands of shares. Bernie’s engagement(Likes, Shares, Comments) is very high with everything he or his team posts, in fact he could probably make his own social media network if he wanted to. When Hillary team posted something the engagement was far less, generally 15-20% of Sanders’ engagement and that is within her own fanbase.

This months analysis shows the numbers softened up a little but the likes greatly increased, so he is still the winner by a long-shot in the Facebook battle.

Back in the beginning of July, when Hillary held a 200,000 plus fan-count lead over Bernie in the Facebook department see HERE we started watching the engagement and noticed that even with far less fans, Sanders was getting much more engagement.  The bigger numbers that she had were simply not delivering much. Big numbers look pretty but with no action, they are meaningless.

With Sanders comfortably in the lead on Facebook we wanted to look at some numbers. Here are some screen shots taken on 9/9/2015 from each of their Facebook fanpage insights section.

Bernie Sanders Facebook Fanpage Insights 9/9/2015

Engagement Rate: 27.89%
Hillary Clinton Facebook Fanpage Insights 9/9/2015

Engagement Rate: 19.63%


For this new analysis, while Clinton has made up ground with the recent engagement, Bernie Sanders gained over 100,000 more fans than she did and holds a commanding lead on engagement per post.

Bernie Sanders Facebook Fanpage Insights 10/19/2015

Engagement Rate: 38.97%
Hillary Clinton Facebook Fanpage Insights 10/19/2015

Engagement Rate: 38.94%

Clinton posts 6 times a day and gets on average 11,180  Likes, Comments & Shares per post: The PTAT or engaged follower count is 616,485. 

Sanders  posts 4 times per day and gets on average 27,160  Likes, Comments & Shares per post: The PTAT or engaged follower count for Sanders is 690,442. 

The LikeAlyzer Engagement Rate is calculated by taking the total PTAT (people talking about this) and dividing by the total number of likes. That methodology shows Sanders with a commanding lead there as well.

Another area on Facebook that Bernie Sanders is dominating is with videos. Clinton’s top video is a featured video with a little over 850K views, while Sanders top video has close to 6 million views, with several in the 1 – 2 million range. The shares on the videos also go heavily in the favor of bernie Sanders.

Okay so the graphs and infographics are cool and do tell a story but let’s take a look at random posts from each candidate. The first post below, by Clinton, was posted 11 hours before writing this article.

This post by Sanders has been up on his page for six hours(5 hours less than Clinton’s) but still has more action. One metric to pay attention to are the shares. Likes are great but shares are where the meat and potatoes are because of the viral action. With almost 400 more shares so far, the odds are pretty good that this post will travel farther than Clinton’s.

So for the last 40 days Bernie has added 389,954 likes for an average of 9,748 new fans per day while Clinton has added 268,923 new fans at a rate of 6,723 per day. Even more astounding is that Back on July 2, 2015 Bernie had 720,000 fans and has added well over a million. At the same time Clinton had 270K more for a total of 997,000 and has added not quite 600,000.

Some of numbers for this article were provided by


And of course we didn’t even mention that more of Clinton likes come from other parts of the world than they do America but you can check out that information here:

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