Bernie Sanders Joins Union Picket Lines in Iowa

One thing about Bernie Sanders that is becoming very evident to some of the newer people to his camp is that he doesn’t just pay lip service to the issues, he is a boots-on-the-ground warrior. This is nothing new for him though, he’s been taking action for a long, long time.

In a day and age where campaign speeches are re-written constantly based on opinion polls and what candidates think the people want to hear, it’s refreshing to have a guy that takes this stuff seriously enough to do something about it. Oh sure any candidate can create an easily instagramable photo opp, it’s been a campaign ploy forever almost.

But when you have someone like Bernie who is talking about a certain problem we are have and then follows it up with action about that, you know he is not just spinning the situation in his favor to get votes. He is more concerned about people than about being hip, slick and cool in front of the camera. Here’s Bernie yesterday on a union picket line in Iowa.

It’s pretty funny though that if you read most of the polls or watch mainstream media it would seem like there’s nothing going on. NPR can rattle on for two straight hours and talk about every candidate that has no chance, talk about email problems of other candidates, the theatrical reality TV antics of another and yet somehow manage to skip over the most important candidate in this race – and the most popular. Don’t believe the phony hype, Bernie cares and he is out there with boots on the ground battling for you.

Here’s what is important to Bernie Sanders:

Capping day two of a beautiful three-day swing through Iowa at a town hall at Coe College in Cedar Rapids.

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