Bernie Sanders’ Live Stream Link for The Jan 23 Speech

Photo by Danilo Ticvia
Photo by Danilo Ticvia via

Read the bottom of this article before you make any assumptions about the below link.

The link given by an unnamed resource isĀ, I think. This is the same address as his last live stream. It’s a little iffy in my mind, because I haven’t been able to verify it with the Bernie Sanders camp. Technically, it makes some sense. They would use an established address and bump the last live stream to YouTube, or their own archives.

Obviously, the Bernie Sanders camp wanted to make this a group event with people getting to know one another and providing mutual support. I’d be right there with them, but I don’t own a car, bicycling in this weather is not an option (especially at night), and the buses stop running at 6 pm. I can get there, but I can’t get home. I suspect there are many others who have similar situations.

If I get a confirmation, I’ll post a new article.

Anyone hosting a party, please confirm the link in a comment. Thanks!

I just got this in my email:

Hi Keith,

It will be setup at tomorrow before it begins.
A little pre-speech drama to keep us on on the edge of our seats. What link will they use?

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