Bernie Sanders Releases Video On How To Caucus In Iowa

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has posted a video on the official campaign web site educating new voters on how to caucus in Iowa!

With each state choosing its own method for electing nominees, the majority of U.S. states have chosen the primary system. However, because this method may be less common these days, this leaves many people with a fuzzy idea of exactly how a caucus system works. It is important even for people in states with primary elections to understand caucuses because of how they affect the overall results of our country’s elections. Iowa is important because it is the United States’ first caucus and the winner in Iowa could shift support one way or the other and influence decisions early on in the process.

Recent polling suggests that not only is Bernie widening his lead in New Hampshire—the first primary election held in the United States—but he is now closing in on Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

For this purpose, Bernie has released a video to educate Iowa’s first-time caucus participants and anyone else who may be unfamiliar with the process:

Mike A. Hewlett

Mike Hewlett is currently serving as Politics and Policy Chairman for Memphis Forward, a city organization working toward progressive policies in the Memphis area. Mike has worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Field Organizing and Communications at the Memphis, TN campaign office.

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  • January 22, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Sure. As far as I know there would be no restrictions or issues. Its a video from the official Bernie Sanders campaign that was meant to be shared to spread the word.



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