Bernie Sanders Says Biden Entering Race Would Help his Campaign

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In an interview with April Ryan on American Urban Radio Monday, Bernie Sanders said that Biden entering the race would help his chances.

Said Sanders, “I think a three way race with Vice President Joe Biden, if he chooses to get into it, would make it an interesting and different dynamic,” Sanders added. “I think what it would end up doing is — obviously making it, instead of having to get 50 percent of the vote, you’d probably have to get 35 percent of the vote, which I think for us is a very achievable goal.”

Biden entering the race will surely take votes from Hillary. While probably a few of Bernie’s faithful will leave, it’s doubtful a large number will desert him to vote for another establishment politician, even if it is someone as likable as Joe Biden. At the end of the day Bernie has the best plan of action to help change things.

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Sanders mentions that if Joe Biden gets into the race the threshold to capture the nomination gets reduced and that is something that Bernie says would help his campaign.

Sanders, “Well you remember that three or four months ago, if you looked at the polls, I was at three or four percent,” Sanders said of The Biden Question to April Ryan on American Urban Radio Monday. “Now, depending on the polls — most of the polls have me higher than that. There was another poll that just came out today in a two-way race that had me at 27 percent.”

While Sanders said that if the election were held today Clinton would win, many of his supporters are there are a lot, would have something to say about that. He has won over the hearts and minds of the American people and it grows daily. Sanders said he concedes to the fact that we still have a long ways to go.

More from Bernie, “But, I freely concede that, you know, at a time when four months ago very few who knew the junior senator from Vermont or knew what I stood for — we still have a long way to go. If the election were held today Hillary Clinton would defeat me. I think that’s pretty clear.”

So let the speculation continue but we really like our chances if Joe does decide to get in.

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