Bernie Sanders Scores Big Win; Breaks Major Fundraising Record

Bernie Birthday

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders won a major victory in Saturday night’s third Democratic presidential debate, according to social media measures and in polls by Time, The Wall Street Journal and other major media websites including The Bern Report.

During the debate, Sanders also reached a major milestone in grassroots financial support. His campaign has now received more contributions than any other candidate at this point in any White House bid — more than 2.3 million contributions.

President Barack Obama was the record holder. Through Dec. 31, 2011, his re-election campaign reported 2,209,636 donations. The Sanders campaign crossed that mark during the debate as grassroots supporters flooded the website. The average contribution for the night to the Sanders campaign was below $25.

On social media, where Sanders’ grassroots revolution began, there were more Google searches for Sanders than for any other candidate. His campaign had the most retweeted tweet of the night, according to Twitter. He gained more followers on Twitter than any other candidate and Facebook said people talked about Sanders more than any other candidate online. He also won several unofficial polls on Twitter.

After the debate, Sanders was named the winner by viewers who voted in large-sample polls from Time, PBS,The Wall Street Journal, Slate, and The Washington Times.

On Time’s website, for example, 84 percent of the 27,246 who had taken the poll in the first 90 minutes after the debate said Sanders won.

One thought on “Bernie Sanders Scores Big Win; Breaks Major Fundraising Record

  • December 20, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Everyone who watched the debate with me and I agree that Bernie won hands down, and the polls I have seen also say Bernie won BIG!
    Strange that the newspaper pundents say Hillary won, although I know big media supporters her.
    Even some newspapers I used to trust, like the New York Times, I have come to doubt.
    I could expect misrepresentation from Faux.

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