Bernie Wins Idaho and Utah by Massive Margins


Okay so let’s not think about what went on in Arizona for a little while. Two other states made their decisions last night and the overwhelming favorite was Bernie Sanders.

He bested his opponent Hillary Clinton by a staggering 57 points in Idaho and somewhere around 60 points in Utah. These are huge wins for a few different reasons, one of them being that polling and predicting guru Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight fame, while accurately predicting a Sanders sweep of these two states, did not see this margin of victory coming. He had Bernie winning both states by a little less than 20 points. The other reason this is huge is that if Bernie can win some other states by those types of margins there will be even more grumbling by the Democratic establishment. They are already worried about her polling numbers against Trump and Bernie picking up massive wins, just compounds the issue.

Utah-Idaho Delegates

As it stands right now, Sanders cut into Clinton’s pledged delegate total by winning 16 more than she did last night. He sits 303 delegates behind her but with a big weekend he can cut into this lead even more. Washington, Alaska and Hawaii are set to make their decisions on Saturday and he if pulls anything like the numbers he did in Utah and Idaho, he’ll make big gains in the delegate department, perhaps 50-60 or more, triggering even more pacing by an already nervous Democratic party.


G.A. Casebeer

3 thoughts on “Bernie Wins Idaho and Utah by Massive Margins

  • March 23, 2016 at 11:18 am

    The Western March has begun BYE BYE HILLY

  • March 23, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    And as of earlier this evening, there is news that the delegate apportionments of three previous primaries/caucuses – Florida, Texas and Georgia – have just been recalculated to grant to Bernie one additional delegate from each of these three states. Also factoring in minor recalculations from last night’s contests in Arizona and Utah, Bernie’s delegate deficit now stands at just 298.

    What has got the Clinton campaign so spooked, indeed all of Hillary Nation, including the entire Democratic Establishment, is Bernie’s explosive breakout potential – thus far suppressed and redirected via back room machinations by Hillary’s many allies – but just barely. Bernie’s blowout victories in New Hampshire, Idaho and Utah; his record-setting voter turnouts in Nebraska, Maine and Idaho; his astonishing, come-from-way-behind win in Michigan; his beating of expectations in state after state after state, and much more; all of it reveals extraordinary strength, resilience and tenacity…that Hillary & Co. never expected, and never even saw coming.

    All that has been missing – until now – is a relatively level playing field, and the opportunity to string together multiple big wins in a row. With Bernie already having blown away multiple polling projections from Nate “Mr. Numbers” Silver, and by overwhelming numbers, the Clintonites know – or they surely ought to know – that almost anything could happen…and that Bernie is capable of just about anything.

  • March 24, 2016 at 1:35 am

    Hi! You might want to update the tally. Bernie won 21 more delegates than Hillary on Tuesday. Mainstream outlets still have not allocated all delegates. I suggest you look at them on this site: which is most often more accurate and up to date.

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