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Breaking – The Democratic Election is a Farce #DNCleaks


We thought this was the road to Revolution

We believed that the time was now. Collectively the nation got behind that change. Policies became the conversation. Racism was beginning to be addressed in a new way. Private prisons that donated to Hillary Clinton were losing profits. Their stocks plummeting with every reverberation of Bernie Sanders’ lessons of inequality and police accountability. His acute knowledge of political insiders (Corporations) and their control over all levels of government was an eye opener for anyone one with an open mind and access to the information.

Then, with every state we saw an unbelievable chain of events that seemed scripted. False voting tallies were made apparent by relevant entrance and exit polling data. Voters were dropped from democratic voting rolls. Democratic conventions ignored their own delegate participants.

It has been a long road for Americans this primary cycle. But the leak of direct emails between our democratic “representatives”, shows a collusion that makes “unity” feel like a dirty word. Bernie Sanders never had a chance to win the democratic election. The Democratic elite made sure of it. Literally every republican tactic was employed by the democratic party to diminish, block, and silence Bernie Sanders.

Now strapped with that information democratic voters are realizing how much money and time they have spent in a battle for what was already a forgone conclusion. The proof has arrived. Facts are facts. The house of cards has fallen. What will you do next? One thing is certain. The democratic party is not to be trusted. I personally will vote for Jill Stein if Bernie is not given his rightful spot as the democratic nominee. Fear mongering isn’t washing this one away.


Politico’s Involvement

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  1. Annette

    1) Bernie 2) Jill If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination I will work my tail off to have Jill be the first female president.

    • North East

      Exactly! Dem convention will be the last day of my involvement in the dem party if Bernie is not the nominee. Hillary will never get my vote after this.

  2. jeff

    My sentiments exactly my friend! The deal was made back in “08”. This primary scam was simply a coronation where the Clinton campaign thought they would run circumvent virtually unopposed. Bernie threw a monkey wrench in that plan.

  3. NOT ever voting for Clinton! Her pick of Kaine for VP was the LAST straw!!

  4. I will vote Stein.