Can Bernie Sanders still emerge the winner?

Can Bernie Sanders still emerge the winner?

The Democratic race is getting tighter and tougher with each passing day. The Pundits want you to believe that Hillary has already won the nomination, the game is over, Bernie should give up etc. etc. But it is far from the truth. In fact, there is plenty of time left in the game and the prospects for Bernie are looking brighter than ever.

“Starting today, the map now shifts dramatically in our favor,” Sanders told supporters in an email just after Clinton beat him in all five contests on March 15th and expanded her pledged delegate lead to 321. But since then the Sanders’ graph has been continuously going upwards and showing positive signs.

After astounding victories in Washington, Hawaii and Alaska and a reasonably good performance in Wisconsin and Wyoming, it cannot be said with surety that Hillary already has the crown. Though the results in the New York primary were not what we had anticipated and wished for yet we should not lose heart. There are many questions still remaining about how she won New Yorkj. The media and the DNC are keen to write the obituary of Bernie’s campaign but we should and we will fight on. The game is rigged and it’s an uphill battle we are fighting; we need to double our efforts to unrig the game.

A recent article by Robert Reich talks about how the race is far from over for Bernie. In his words,” Bernie’s national polls are rising as fast as his opponent’s are falling, enthusiasm for him remains high, he continues to raise more money from small donors than she’s raising from large ones, and young people (as well as not-so-young) are more energized for him and by him than ever “.

Tuesday could determine the future of the United States of America- it would determine whether the USA wants a President who genuinely stands for and supports American values or the country is satisfied with a token President who pretends to work for the masses while taking money from the top 1 percent at the same time.

Whatever the result might be, Bernie is a winner. It is the USA that has to live up to its claim of being the best nation in the world.

Remember America, the world is watching.


Nishtha Sood

Nishtha is an ardent supporter of people's movements, and follows world politics very closely. She's associated with many grassroots organisations in India and is part of a political organisation that stemmed out of a people's movement against corruption. She believes Bernie as a President would have a major impact on the world, especially third world countries like India because of his stance against wars and oppressive trade deals.

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