Candidate Spotlight: Tamborine Borrelli for Washington’s 10th Congressional District

Tamborine Borrelli, is currently running a grassroots campaign for Washington’s 10th Congressional District and vows to take on the corruption opposing the interests of everyday people. She considers herself an activist who believes strongly in getting money out of politics and will represent the will of a the people, rather than big-moneyed interests that currently own large parts of the political system.

We recently caught up with her and spoke about her inspiring campaign, politics in general and how the average person can get more involved in the political process.

TBR: Let’s get to know you a little better. What’s your background in politics, activism and in business?

Tamborine Borrelli: I was inspired to get involved in politics and the 2016 presidential primary largely due to the inspiration I felt from Bernie Sanders. I am representative of the demographic within our society who is just waking up from an apathetic sleep, politically speaking. I never believed politicians were ever actually working for the interest of the common people, so I never was interested in participating. I went from not being involved at all to throwing myself into the political arena by opening up a volunteer campaign office, becoming a deputy field organizer for the Sanders campaign, a caucus site leader, a contributor to the Thurston County Democrat platform committee, I was elected as a National delegate and ran for state Senate. I became an overall political activist against the TPP, protested for women’s rights, immigration rights, DAPL, LGBTQ rights and participated in Democracy Spring’s march from Philly to DC getting arrested on the steps of the capital in peaceful protest of Citizens United.

In business, the underlying motivation has always been to contribute to the betterment of my community whether it be on an individual basis or the community at large. I have been a strength trainer and life coach in my earlier years, I opened a cafe that served organic food and esspresso which doubled as a community center for theater, live music, dance an yoga classes, and most recently started an organic pet treat company.

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Do you remember the moment you decided to run for office? Was there something that instantly lit the spark or was it more gradual?

In general I would say the spark was cultivated throughout 2016 with an overall inspiration to get involved in the political process. Specifically, when I was getting handcuffed on the steps of our nations Capital, I remember thinking to myself looking up into the offices of Congress, what it would be like if activists with the hearts for the people were the ones who occupied those seats instead of the ones we had to beg to represent us?

If you had to pick just one, what is the most important issue facing us as a society right now?

There are multiple pressing issues facing our society today, getting big money out of politics is the single most important issue because until we do that, anything else of value will have little chance of succeeding. Our representatives are literally paid to not listen to us. Our so called representatives can’t represent us when they’re getting paid exorbitant amounts of money to represent the interests of the corporations. Although most believe that this problem began with Citizens United in 2010, Princetons study uncovered data spanning over 40 years that compared popular policies of the day compared to the actual legislation that was passed and their findings were that “the people had “near zero” affect on public policy.”

I will support and/or co-sponsor legislation which implements publicly funded campaigns including limits on campaign donations and legally reducing the time period in which candidates are permitted to campaign prior to election day. In doing so, this not only reduces the amount of money required to run a successful campaign, it allows for a more democratic process. Reduced campaign costs enables everyday citizens to have a voice, whether they are constituents or candidates. I will fight to pass such legislation both on a state and federal level.

Who is the one person over the course of your life that you’ve drawn the most inspiration from?

I would have to say Bernie Sanders. I was so deep in an apathetic sleep, thinking that there was no point in getting involved because our political system was too far gone, filled with nothing but forked tongue politicians who thought nothing of selling the people up the river for their own personal gain. So when I saw this 70+-year-old man standing up speaking truth to power it inspired me to see a glimmer of hope, that there still is a chance this can all be turned around. Within that realization, I found what is likely the purpose of my life. I will give all that I am until I breathe my last breath to help bring freedom, justice and equality for everyday people into a reality.

In your opinion what is the single biggest reason that we now have Trump as our President?

The single biggest reason Trump is our President is credited to a corruption infested system. Subsequently, Bernie Sanders consistently beat Trump in over 100 polls by double digits. Election fraud was rampant in the 2016 Presidential as it was assessed in the 100 page report at, compiled by world renowned statisticians and election integrity experts. The DNC turned a blind eye to the fact that they nominated the country’s most unpopular candidate and turned a deaf ear to the disenfranchised who either voted for Trump or Jill Stein.

If elected, what would be the first thing you attempt to do?

I would rally with other Representitives who are also intent on co-sponsoring an anti-corruption act and make that my priority.

How much hope do you have for this country now, as opposed to, say, five or ten years ago?

As bleak as our current state of the union is, within it exists an embryo of possibility. Five or ten years ago many in this country were still fast asleep. Everything is about timing and we are steadily approaching critical mass where the disenfranchised and unaware, are plugging in and taking responsibility for their own educated activism. From my vantage point 2018 is the dawn of a new day and I am inspired to be alive in this time and moreover, to play even a small part in this political awakening.

What is the best way for people to get involved in politics in general?

I would say to get clear on what matters to you. If it’s the environment, then join a political organization whose platform is rooted within those tenets. If anti-corruption is your passion then I would recommend joining or starting a local chapter of Represent US. If you’re calling is rooted in being a public servant then run for a local office, whether it is city council, the school board or even state legislature. Volunteering for a campaign is a great way to get experience running for an office.

What is the best way for people to get involved with your campaign?

Thank you for asking! There are a few ways that our campaign could really use the support.
The first way would be to make a donation at as we are not accepting any corporate money and are depending on being a people powered campaign. We have some contributors who donate even three dollars every month,😊but of course the average donation is $27.

If you are here in WA and are interested in volunteering for the campaign please fill out our volunteer form at:
 If you are in another congressional district or out of state we still could use help with promotion and social media! We’d love to hear from you at
Please like the Tamborine Borrelli Facebook page at
Follow her on twitter @Tamborine4US

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