Canova Raises Big Bucks in Run Against DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz

Art by Popular News via
Art by Popular News via

Tim Canova states he is running for Congress because he was tired of seeing congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz take hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from giant corporations and Wall Street banks. Canova has said: Our campaign doesn’t owe anything to any corporate special interests or wealthy elites. We’re accountable to working Americans like you who have made more than 100,000 individual donations to fuel this campaign. Tim Canova is a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders and is focusing on small donations from normal people, rather than large donations from corporations and the wealthy.

Responding to criticisms made by Canova, Wasserman-Schultz said,

“I have consistently actively, vocally supported and advanced the causes that help make people’s lives better. And my opponent has done absolutely nothing. He has never been involved in this community. And so it’s very nice to say that you share the same opinion on an issue. There is a difference between putting your body in front of an oncoming train and in making sure that you are standing up, actively engaged on these issues, and saying, ‘Yeah, I’m going to stick up my hand and say me too.’ Big difference.

It’s a confused response. In helping to make people’s lives better, Wasserman-Schultz has supported     the Trans-Pacific Partnership and predatory payday lenders. Tim Canova has described Wasserman-Schultz as a tool of big money corporate interests and the financial industry. Representative Wasserman-Schultz was the only Florida Democrat who voted for the TPP legislation last year. Canova, a professor of law and public finance at Nova Southeastern University, said he’s not against all trade agreements, but “this is not the kind of trade agreement that we should be in.”

In Florida, leaders of several labor union locals, considered a key Democratic Party constituency, have said they’ve lost confidence in U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and want to see her defeated in the August primary. They stated they are supporting, Tim Canova, her challenger, because they believe he would better represent the interests of working people. Union leaders say, Wasserman-Schultz caters too much to the interests of her corporate political donors.

Tim Canova said,

“The people of this district deserve better than that. We shouldn’t be sacrificing the needs and the interests of her constituents here on the altar of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s political ambitions.”

Make a contribution of $3 to his campaign and help elect a member of Congress who is not beholden to our rigged campaign finance system.

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