Changing The Hearts And Minds Of Hillary Clinton Supporters

Photo from Good News for People via YouTube
Photo from Good News for People via YouTube

Don’t tell them they are wrong. Ask them why they are voting for Hillary Clinton. And be aware, you will probably have to have more than one conversation with them. It’s not about efficiency or winning, it’s about helping a friend to vote intelligently and not be manipulated by misguided loyalties. And understand their answer may be a rationalization, and not their real reason.

They answer: I don’t think he can win. I like what he says, but I don’t think he can win. He’s not electable.

Response: The Washington Post’s national poll shows Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a neck and neck race. National polls show Bernie beats Trump, and Hillary loses against Trump. You are essentially shooting yourself in the foot by voting for a candidate you don’t actually want, but are willing to accept. They said the same things about President John F. Kennedy and President Barack Obama.

They answer: I’m worried Bernie is too old.

Response: You’re practicing ageism. Bernie is only a five years older than Hillary Clinton. He has more energy and is in better health. Hillary “looks” younger because she dyes her hair and uses makeup. Watch her fluctuating weight, periodic puffiness, and eyes that range from exhausted to wide and overly bright.

They answer: I don’t think he can pay for his programs.

Response: It’s about fair taxes. The rich have not paid their fair share of taxes in decades. Bernie is resetting the tax system so we can compete with Europe, where a free college education and free health care are normal. They manage to provide free health care and free college without going bankrupt. This is because they tax the rich, or they are not afraid of taxing the rich, as many Americans seem to be. Fear is what is holding us back.

They answer: The policies Bernie Sanders wants to propose to congress do not have a realistic chance of becoming law.

Response: That is the kind of thinking that supports the status quo. Nothing will ever change, so why bother trying. Hillary Clinton is the safer vote. Things change only if we change them. Voting out of fear usually means supporting the status quo. Voting for Hillary means voting for more of the same, in terms of stagnant wages and a disappearing middle class.

They answer: I want a woman president.

Response: So do I. But I’m not willing to accept a woman for president just because she’s a woman. It has to be a woman who will do a good job. There’s nothing too suggest Mrs. Clinton is qualified. In fact, her history as Secretary of State counts as a disaster. Tell me what she accomplished during her time as 1st lady, or senator, or secretary of state. …. Benghazi is not an accomplishment. Traveling millions of miles around the world is also not an accomplishment. What are her accomplishments?

You’ll be doing your friends a favor if you convince them to vote with their heart, rather than some twisted loyalty or rationalization.


Keith D. Foote

Keith is also a freelance writer. He has written an alternative physics book titled the Ultra-Space Field Theory, and 2 sci-fi novels. Keith has been following politics, and political promises, for the last forty years. He gave up his car, preferring to bicycle and use public transport. Keith enjoys yoga, mini adventures, spirituality, and chocolate ice cream.

One thought on “Changing The Hearts And Minds Of Hillary Clinton Supporters

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    February 28, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    A good article, Keith. In my experience, the key is to encourage/soothe the Clintonites to get to a place and a space where they’re not on the defensive, not on the warpath, and willing to have a calm, rational conversation about the primaries – without getting their egos all tangled up in it. Easier said than done, though not impossible.

    In my opinion, what’s necessary to bear in mind is that, for the most part these folks have respectable motives (although some are just as cunningly Machiavellian as Hillary herself), but they’ve been duped by the Clinton Propaganda Machine and the lapdog corporate media. They’re buying into the feel-good fluff ‘n’ puff about Hillary, without thinking very critically. And if I may say so (and I certainly may), Hillary’s loyal female supporters are among the most virulent and militant of the lot. They’re absolutely convinced that all opposition to Hillary is based on the ubiquitous “right-wing talking points” and “male sexism” – as if one could not possibly be opposed to Hillary for any other reason. I’ve found it virtually impossible to have ANY kind of dialogue with these women, because apparently in their eyes my opinions and views are automatically suspect…simply because I’m a man. How does one maintain a rational dialogue with THAT? (This is what’s so frustrating about politics: So much heat, so little light. Plus the fact that in the struggle for power, honesty and respect for truth is always one of the very first casualties.)

    For your readers, I’d like to share a link to a brilliant recent post at Daily Kos, which lays out the case against Hillary in devastatingly stark terms. Anyone whose mind is even remotely open to the possibility of supporting Bernie over Hillary, who reads this piece thoroughly and really takes it to heart, can’t help but be convinced by both its evidences and its extremely compelling argument:

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