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Clinton Given 40 Minutes to Speak at The Debate , Bernie Gets Just 32 Minutes

The three Democratic candidates faced off in New Hampshire tonight for the last time this year. The debate opened with an apology from Bernie Sanders in regards to the data breach this past week. Topics of note included ISIS and American safety, taxes and the economy, and other domestic issues.

The visualizations below show total talk times by candidate, a breakdown of topics covered, growth in twitter followers by candidate, and Google search trends during the debate.

In the talk time allowed by the ABC moderators, Hillary Clinton was allowed to hog the microphone for a whopping 40 minutes, while Bernie was allowed to speak for just 32 minutes and O’Malley even less with 26 minutes.

Data curated by InsideGov
Data curated by InsideGov
Data curated by InsideGov
Data curated by InsideGov

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  1. Matthew Oliver

    This tells me that the People want Bernie Sanders to become President. Bernie or Bust period is our pledge. Go Bernie

  2. Ruby

    This should not surprise you – after all how much media time has he gotten. He needs to sue the media for unfair treatment.