Despite delegate deficit Bernie Sanders is the only “Electable” candidate

While in terms of delegate counts from the primary results on the second big Tuesday in a row, it would appear that former Vice President Joe Biden had a good night. With wins in Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan and Idaho, the media manipulated Biden Bounce continued. Sanders won North Dakota and currently leads in Washington state, so yes Biden did come out on top once again in terms of delegates. 

But a bigger picture unfolded further last night and that is that Biden is doing very poorly with voters under the age of 45, in fact he’s doing worse than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 and that spells disaster for the Democratic party. If the party is to have any shot against Donald Trump in the fall that is a vital demographic. It goes without saying that Bernie Sanders does extremely well with this group of voters and it’s precisely why he’s the strongest candidate to take on a formidable Trump campaign.

Much has been said about Biden’s almost certain inability to stand toe to toe with Trump on a debate stage and although there are currently some serious concerns about Biden’s apparent cognitive decline, that matters less than his inability to connect with the younger generation. We saw this play out in 2016 with Hillary Clinton attempting to pander to the youth by making Vine videos or the cringe-worthy Pokemon Go To Polls zinger. The younger generation knows when they are being pandered to, so any attempts to connect with them by acting like you are one of them will fail and will fail badly.  Just look at every time a candidate makes a dance video. Case closed. 

Is it even a remote possibility though for Biden to connect with the aforementioned generation and win them over? In my mind it is highly doubtful because not only has he shown a great deal of well documented contempt for those that are much younger than he is, Biden’s policies are detrimental towards their future. And while the older generation along with the pearl clutching pundit class tries to paint the younger generation as uninformed, the opposite is true. They know that the very life of this planet is at stake, not to mention them having to survive in the meantime as we watch out of control capitalism destroy the very thing which gives us life. 

Is it possible that Biden does a complete reversal and banks hard to the left to satisfy the demands of the younger generation? Sure, it’s possible but his campaign has been largely pushed by rich people that show as much contempt for the younger generation as he does. Plus, the elites are fighting for their livelihoods and it’s hard to envision them giving into any attempts to move Biden to the left. Most of them are okay with another four years of Trump, they just aren’t okay with Bernie Sanders making the Democratic party a party of the people. 

So even while Sanders trails Biden in delegates at this point, he remains the much stronger candidate. The reason why is simple; the under 45 demographic has been historically vital for the Democrats to win the White House. Obama won because of a youth coalition but Kerry and several others have lost because they did not give the younger demographic a reason to support them. Those candidates, in simple terms, have not earned the vote.

Sanders however has the youth vote wrapped up and that in combination with the older generation who will plug their noses and vote for whoever is the candidate with the “D” next to their name and who consider beating Trump the biggest issue facing the country, that makes him the strongest candidate. They aren’t going to stay home, even if Bernie is the candidate. Bernie Sanders wins the “Electability” argument hands down. 


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