DNC Vice-Chair Says She Was Disinvited From Debate After Publicly Calling for More Debates

D.N.C. Officer Says She Was Disinvited From Debate After Calling for More of Them

Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said she was disinvited from the first Democratic presidential primary debate in Nevada after she appeared on television and called for more face-offs.

Gabbard told the NY Times, “When I first came to Washington, one of the things that I was disappointed about was there’s a lot of immaturity and petty gamesmanship that goes on, and it kind of reminds me of how high school teenagers act,” Ms. Gabbard said in a telephone interview on Sunday night. She said she would watch the debate in her district in Hawaii, which elected her to her second term last year.

“It’s very dangerous when we have people in positions of leadership who use their power to try to quiet those who disagree with them,” she added. “When I signed up to be vice chair of the D.N.C., no one told me I would be relinquishing my freedom of speech and checking it at the door.”

“More and more people on the ground from states all across the country are calling for more debates, are wanting to have this transparency and greater engagement in our democratic process at a critical time, as they make the decision of who should be the next person to lead our country,” Ms. Gabbard said in her MSNBC appearance.

The next day, two people briefed on the conversations said, the chief of staff to Ms. Wasserman Schultz reached out to her counterpart in Ms. Gabbard’s office about attending the debate. Weeks earlier, Ms. Gabbard had said she would like tickets for herself and a guest to the Nevada debate, the one closest to Hawaii.

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  1. ellen

    What’s there to say? The democratic party has been hijacked…HIJACKED…by Hillary and her mini me, Little Debbie. I’m ashamed of the both. They’re using the same tactics that the republicans use. Underhanded, without regard to how their constituents feel. Because of Little Debbie, I won’t be voting for Hillary. If Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, I’ll sit on my vote, or vote for an Independent…or…no…I’ll just write in Bernie’s name.

    • pat

      I agree and expect to do the same

    • Ron Rose

      So well put Ellen …. Hillary and her little mini me, little Debbie. So shameful …. you would think that America would turn their back on Hillary after her nomination by the AFT (Am Fed of Teachers) by the Leader of the AFT, Randi Weingarten. Little was known by the Union body of this nomination…. and little was known that Randi is a director on the board of Hillary’s SuperPac. This is a perfect example of working the program from the top.

      • admin

        I agree Ron, very shady move. One of writers here is a high school teacher and as you can imagine, not super thrilled that the endorsement was handed out in that fashion.

  2. Doug Boone

    I am a registered Democrat. I want Debbie Wasserman-Shultz fired. She refuses to represent our calls for more debates. I would also like to nominate Tulsi Gabbard for the chair. I will now proceed to understand exactly, how we will accomplished this, and proceed to do so.

  3. I find this outrageous that only a few debates are scheduled for democrats. Why are they doing this? Could it possibly be to provide even less coverage for the excellent ideas of Mr. Bernie Sanders? Bernie is the most honest, intelligent, and experienced candidate in the race for president including the republicans who have scheduled many debates. Something is not fair about all of this. I agree with Ms. Gabbord.

    • admin

      Of course that’s why. I’d also pose the question about why our debates started 2 months after the first GOP debate.

    • fire Debbie wasserman schultz

  4. Gabriel Huerta

    What have they got against transparency?
    Not feeling too democratic right now.

  5. Kyle Colgan

    Stop acting like teenagers. We want more debates. We know more debates mean a likelihood that Hillary Clinton’s bullshit will be exposed!!!!

    • admin


  6. David Lawrence

    Someone could make a lot of money selling Debbie Wasserman-Schultz piñatas.

    • admin

      Hahahahahahaha….You might be on to something!

  7. DNC Viice-Chair says she was disinvited From Debate After Publicly Calling For More Debates. Not much light shining through there. Freedom of Speech. Not so much. Bet she wasn’t the only request for more debates. What say you?

  8. Dr William Purkiss

    leadership is not a ticket to dictatorship. Debbie Wasserman Schultz must go!

    • admin

      Thanks Dr.those are my feelings as well.

  9. Andrew

    Thank you Tulsi Gabbard! Hopefully when Bernie’s president the DNC will stop using their powers to suppress dialogue and we can turn this county back into a democracy!

    • Kathy Strong

      Yeah and after spending all the governments money plus ours giving free education, Healthcare etc. Whose money do we spend then? Can you say…Greece!

      • admin

        Gee I don’t know, how ’bout we start with all the money we give out in corporate subsidies.

  10. Perry Hood

    This DNC bias, against any candidate not Hillary, has got to stop!!!

  11. Judy

    Call the DNC and complain. We cannot just complain to each other we need to be ACTIVE and make our voice heard again and again.(202) 863-8000.

  12. Lori Miller

    This is an attack on freedom of speech! Can no one do anything about this hag? Wasserman-Schultz should be kicked out of the DNC! What an unDemocratic, controlling bitch she is!

    • admin

      I wish. It’s like everyone sees it happening and we are helpless. How did someone get this much power?

  13. Steven

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is an insult to Democracy….