Debbie’s Out, but Hillary is the one to blame.

The Collusion Continues

As you may have heard Debbie Wasserman Schultz has stepped down as the head chair of the DNC. Don’t be fooled. This changes absolutely nothing. In fact Debbie has already been replaced. “By whom”, you ask? Surely, they have learned a lesson and will pick someone like Tim Canova to prove their willingness to change in the wake of being discovered as collusive lying fear mongers.

Well guess again. They picked Donna Brazile….. Now you tell me. If Debbie was let go as a result of the #DNCleaks, why on earth would she be replaced by someone who is also implicated?

Also #DebbieDodgesDebates didn’t get fired. She just got a promotion.

We have already seen from the leaks that even Obama was a party to pushing for Hillary back in April. Furthering the narrative that no matter what anyone ever did. Hillary was going to be the democratic nominee.

All of this is just a back drop to my point. Hillary is the one to blame here.

Are you going to let her get away like Wall Street, and fire a few low level employees while getting away with wasting a whole year of your donations and precious time? Is the constant bickering and fear-mongering over Donald Trump going to make you surrender to the party that lied and took advantage of you? News Flash: Sheepish dissonance isn’t going to fix climate change. Settling isn’t going to keep your children out of war in Syria. In fact its quite the opposite. Vote for that fracking pusher Clinton, and you will get exactly what you most fear. No voice, and part of the blame.

We want Hillary held accountable. The US needs Hillary to be held accountable. If you instead decide to push for her presidency, you my friend are complicit in oligarchy.

“When millions of people come together, there is nothing we can not accomplish!” – Bernie Sanders

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North East

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