Donate Any Amount And Receive Bernie’s Book

From Bernie Sanders:

About two decades ago, long before I ever imagined I would campaign for the presidency, I wrote a book titled Outsider in the House about how we used the authority extended from my electoral victories to make changes for the better in the lives of people who don’t have many allies in positions of power.

My decision to run for president was inspired by the events outlined in that book, and if you really want to understand what this campaign is about and how we will leverage our political revolution to create real change after I’m elected, then you should read it.

Because I think it’s important, I want to try something pretty wild here:

For a very limited time, make a contribution to our campaign — of any amount — and we’ll send you a recently released updated version of my book, now titled Outsider in the White House.

The average contribution Bernie supporters make for the book is $27.64.

Bernie Book

This book is not the story of easy or steady success — it is a story of struggle and hard work. It’s about a little progress in the right direction and then a setback; it’s about election defeats and election wins, and it’s about breakthroughs that few of us had imagined possible … until they happened.

I hope you’ll take me up on this offer.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Make a contribution of any amount today and we will send you a copy of Outsider in the White House

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