Final Quinnipiac Poll for Iowa Shows Sanders With a Slim Lead

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Final Quinnipiac Poll for Iowa Shows Sanders With a Slim Lead

Relying on first-time Iowa likely Democratic Caucus participants, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has 49 percent, with 46 percent for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 3 percent for former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. Only 2 percent remain undecided and 14 percent of those who name a candidate say they might change their mind. Read the full poll HERE

There is a huge gender gap among likely Democratic Caucus participants, with men backing Sanders over Clinton 63 – 32 percent and women backing Clinton 56 – 39 percent.

The economy and jobs is the most important issue in deciding their vote, 36 percent of likely Democratic Caucus participants say, with 22 percent citing health care and 11 percent listing climate change.

Sanders leads Clinton 52 – 43 percent among Democrats who say the economy and jobs is most important and 66 – 30 percent among those who list climate change.

Read the full poll HERE

Sanders has a massive lead among 18 – 44 year voters. He grabs 74% while Clinton has 23% and O’Malley just 3%.  According to current census figures, close to 37% of the population is in that age group so that bodes well for Bernie.

Another factor in this poll is that, while it’s unclear from the methodology what the landline/cell phone ratio is, it’s been a factor in previous polls because it understates just how much support Sanders has from a voter block that isn’t counted in great numbers.

Just yesterday the final Des Moines Register poll before Iowa had Clinton up by a 3 point margin. You can view that HERE

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