Be Honest, Hillary Makes Democrats Look Awful

Maybe someone you know is of the mindset that Hillary didn’t actually benefit from any type of election rigging. Maybe they believe Hillary would have won the election with or without the DNC’s help. Fair enough. Let’s see if that logically adds up…

Cutting the debate schedule down from 25 debates in 2007-08 to 6 debates* this primary, the first of these coming AFTER the voter registration deadline for New York, a state with 3 million registered independents, had already passed (along with three other debates being scheduled at times when it was known that very few people would be watching), PLUS verified media collusion to sabotage Bernie, PLUS documented party favoritism, PLUS lifting Obama’s restrictions on super PAC money when only Clinton was relying on money from Super PACs, PLUS funneling 99% of the money meant to go towards down the ballot candidates directly to Hillary’s campaign, PLUS thousands of documented instances of voters having voter registration changed, PLUS the AP news wire calling the election for Hillary EVEN THOUGH 12% of the states HAD NOT EVEN VOTED, =equals= this position is a complete crock of shit, and you should be ashamed of yourself for what you’re tacitly accepting to happen to our democracy.

Maybe this friend of yours is unmoved by our little exercise in addition, and believes that Hillary still would have won if everything had been fair and square. WELL THEN WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST DO THAT? Is she intentionally trying to make Democrats look like assholes? Because that’s what relying on shady tactics to win ultimately does… It makes everyone associated with you look like an asshole.

This is why people were booing during Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton. They were not booing him. They were booing the idea that Bernie, a man whose entire selling point was his impeccable integrity, was having that very integrity dragged through the goddamned mud. We don’t feel betrayed by Bernie, we feel betrayed by the Democratic Party. Worst of all, we feel betrayed by the democratic process. And if even Democratic voters can’t trust their own party, how can Democrats reasonably expect to gain anyone else’s?

*Yes. The DNC eventually added more debates and town halls to the 2016 schedule. However these additions still took place after voter registration deadlines for many states, and Clinton backed out of a debate scheduled in California on May 24th. Also, in 2007, Barrack Obama gained significant exposure that helped propel him to a close victory after these early debates. One could argue that those same debates not only helped a young, relatively unknown Barrack Obama gain traction, but Democrats writ large also gained by allowing voters ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the party’s stances on key issues discussed during those debates.

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