Guess Who The Only Candidate To Stay In a Motel 6 Is?

When candidates are out on the road they need a nice warm place to stay right? Apparently some candidates need more comforts than others though when they are out there on the campaign trail.

The FEC’s latest available filings breakdown nicely what each candidate is spending for everything on their campaign. On one hand you have Hillary Clinton who spends nearly 20% of her lodging dollars on Luxury hotels including nine times at Ritz-Carlton. But guess who the only candidate to stay in a Motel 6 is? If you guessed Bernie Sanders you’d be correct. Yes the same guy that flies coach also stays in Economy Hotels most of the time, in fact he hasn’t stayed in a Luxury hotel one time during this campaign.

Bernie Motel 6

Sanders’ summary of expenditures HERE

Clinton’s summary of expenditures HERE

If you’d like to view the expenditures for all the candidates click HERE



  1. As a retired person (LITA OF CC: EO &) acting as field coordinator for a small nonprofit bringing visitors & music to citizens doomed to spending the rest of their days in CA for-profit nursing facilities
    I find Hillary Clinton budget reveal scary!

  2. Diana Martin

    That’s impressive. I’m a retiree on a fixed budget and I wouldn’t even stay in a Motel 6, lol.

  3. Kathleen Talliere

    The 2nd highest expenditure being Moon Lighting Sound, Inc. might be one expense Bernie is paying way too much for. At Cleveland, Ohio tonight, the sound was horrid…quality, volume, tone. I know several sound companies with their own equipment that would do a much better job for far less. As far as the other expenses, Bernie is not all puffed up about things like that. He is the essence of humility. We love him dearly!