Hillary Clinton Confirms She Is the Status Quo Candidate During The Debate

Photo by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
Photo by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Is Hillary Clinton stuck in old school thinking? Her comments suggest she is afraid of change.

Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton confirmed herself as the status quo candidate during Thursday night’s Democratic presidential debate. At the beginning of the debate, Bernie Sanders made the case for modifying Obamacare. Bernie said,

“Such systems work really well overseas, so there is no reason such a system can’t work here. The big impediment would be lobbying from the health care industry, because drug and insurance companies would perceive such a plan as a threat to their profits.

“If, and here’s the if, we have the courage to take on the drug companies, and have the courage to take on the insurance companies, and the medical equipment suppliers, if we do that, yes, we can guarantee health care to all people in a much more cost-effective way.”

Mrs. Clinton, responded with a confused monologue that suggested Bernie Sanders’ plan would be far more expensive than he has claimed, and she emphasized creating health care reform is difficult. Getting the Affordable Care Act through Congress required a massive, politically draining effort, and it very nearly failed. (perhaps we should not have even tried, except… it did succeed) Mrs. Hillary Clinton stated,

“Starting a new fight now, she said, would probably not work and might even backfire.

She then attempted to take credit for Obamacare by referencing her husband’s failed effort to establish Universal Healthcare.

Near the end of the debate Mrs. Clinton attempted to embarrass Senator Sanders by bringing up criticisms he had made of President Obama and some of his accomplishments. After stating she had hit him with a low blow, Bernie complimented President Obama for the work he’s done, and went on to state,

“Last I heard, we live in a democratic society. Last I heard, a democratic senator had the right to disagree with the President, including a President who has done such an extraordinary job.”

On the campaign trail, Bernie Sanders puts little time and energy into talking about the Obama presidency. His focus has been primarily on goals he wants to accomplish. His focus has been on the future, not on the past. It has been about how grassroots movements deliver programs like government-run health insurance, a minimum wage that goes all the way up to $15 an hour, and free public college tuition, .

Mrs. Clinton says she supports goals similar to Bernie Sanders’. She says she wants a higher minimum wage, but not that high, and only in places like New York City. She wants everyone to have health insurance, but doesn’t go into specifics, and wants “more” affordable college tuition, but not free. Hillary Clinton spends more of her time talking about what President Obama has done and promising to defend it. Mrs. Clinton is aristocratically claiming to be President Obama’s heir apparent. She is not focused on the future, but on the past. She is the status quo candidate, and simply wants to maintain the government and culture as it existed yesterday.

Bernie Sanders is focused on creating the future. Hillary Clinton is focused on maintaining yesterdays goals and battles.

The debate is below.


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    February 12, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    Bernie may be older But he is so much Wiser. Hilly stuck in cold war mode

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