How to Debunk the American Crystal Sugar Fairy Tale in 30 Seconds or Less

There’s a story floating around the internet right now about how Bernie Sanders is a big fat lying hypocrite because he took money from American Crystal, a company that was in the middle of a bitter lockout while Sanders was running as a Senator in 2012.

On November 30, 2015, National Review writer Brendan Bordelon put together a nice little article, I mean if it were true that is. Can you imagine the look on his face when he realizes that the the data he is actually basing his story on clearly states that the company or organization itself did not contribute but rather its employees did?

Here’s the misleading chart. Yup, it shows $10K contributed to Bernie Sanders. But read right below the chart. Read the part in BRIGHT RED.

open secrets 4

Here’s a disclaimer that is found right underneath the chart. 

open secrets 3 Look it up yourself HERE

Of course, we could have stopped right there but since someone brought up the issue we figured we’d do some further checking and as they always say, “follow the money trail”. We did and like usual, it leads to Hillary Clinton. It seems Big Oil, Big Pharma aren’t the only “Bigs” to contribute to her campaign. The chart below, found HERE shows how much Big Sugar has sweetened her campaign pocketbooks this election cycle.

open secrets 5

Clinton has long had ties to the sugar industry. Alfonso Fanjul, one of the owners of Fanjul Corporation, which is a huge sugar conglomerate, actually served as co-chairman of Bill Clinton’s Florida campaign in 1992 and is a major contributor and fundraiser for the Democratic Party. He’s also made contributions to The Clinton Foundation in the past. And in a scathing article at AlJazerra it’s pretty clear that the Fanjul family has very close ties with politicians on both sides of the aisles, not just Hillary Clinton.

But we digress, this article was supposed to be about whether or not Bernie took money from American Crystal Sugar Company and while it’s employees contributed,  we are happy to say he did not take money from the organization itself.

So yes, while both Clinton and Sanders have ties to the sugar industry, Bernie Sanders’ ties, as usual, are with the workers, not with the company.

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