Mea Culpa

There is blood on my hands.
It’s on your hands, too.
America has experienced YET ANOTHER “mass shooting,” this time in Oregon.

It’s at the top of every news publication online and off: the latest world event which demonstrates, yet again, that the nomination, and then the election, of Senator Bernie Sanders to be the next President of the United States is no mere inclination.
It is an absolute moral imperative.
Because until we take big money out of politics, we are doomed to repetition of yesterday’s massacre.

“More Americans have died from guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history.”
— Nicholas Kristof on Thursday, August 27th, 2015 in his column in the New York Times

We, the average American citizen individually and as a whole, WE have allowed the lunatics to take over the asylum.
We let them run for office, the gun loving Neocons. We stayed home and allowed others to elect our leaders.
And I mean it. WE have allowed Conservative, Republican gun nuts to win elections.

More people have died in mass shootings this year than there have been days in this year.
Let that fact roll around in your head for a minute.
274 DAYS.
294 DEAD.
And their blood is on our hands.

Seriously, America?
One guy puts a bomb in his shoe and now the Nation walks barefoot through security that outlines their genitalia, shuffling in docile compliance. (But let one guy tweet a photo of his cloth covered WIENER, and everybody loses their minds.)
On Dec. 14, 2012 Adam Lanza gunned down 20 school children plus six adult staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Let me illustrate how weak, how cowardly, how horribly ineffective and incompetent the American people have become:

US population: 318.9 million.
NRA membership: 4.5 million

In my innocence, I was going to list all the mass shooting for this year.
The link is here, because that list is just too damn long.

We have not been out numbered, people! We have been complacent. We have been looking at Kardashian ass and playing Call of Duty.
We watched in horror as this happened again and again and again and AGAIN. And:
We as a Nation did NOTHING.
Open carry assholes endanger ordinary people across the South, across the NATION: we do NOTHING.
Police murder innocent civilians every single day across the nation: WE DO NOTHING.
More veterans die from SUICIDE (often by gun!) than perished in the ENTIRE Iraq war.
Our President, God bless him, has tried.
And as always, conservatives have frustrated, blocked and twisted every effort at reform.
That’s right folks. Your life is their sacrifice upon the alter of Public Office.
Your kids die that they may win (elections).
And let us put to rest the whole “constitutional” question Right FUCKING Now:
The words “well regulated” are RIGHT THERE IN THE FIRST SENTENCE.
Progressives have been so busy trying to woo donors and appear Conservative that we have allowed this insanity to continue. We let them run for office. We ALLOWED them to be elected. We were BUSY.
Viewing the reporting offered by the main stream media has NOT SOOTHED my savage outrage. Let me trot out the Wall Street Journal as a (horrible) example of what masquerades as journalism today:
They open with chaos, horror, killing, wounding.
And an inaccurate (low, of course) body count.
Second paragraph claims “authorities …. still piecing together what happened.”
Not really. I think we all KNOW what happened: a madman used an easily obtained set of firearms to demonstrate how very afraid his personal choice of news outlets has caused him to become.
Aww, isn’t that CUTE? The sheriff won’t use his name.
I was going to do it up royal, and mock the coverage line by line: the call for prayer, the hearts with the families, the feigned confusion and cautions against politicking, but I just can’t. I can’t EVEN.
There’s a sound in my head. A dull roar. My stomach is sick, juices churning in upset. Red washes my vision, I am ill with shame. With anger. With raw, heaving OUTRAGE.
HOW. HOW could we let this happen?

A G A I N! ! ! ! !

If Muslim extremists killed 13 people would ANYONE be saying “Don’t politicize it”?
If the shooter were a Muslim, would the Wall Street Journal claim “no one knows his motives”?
Not likely.
Not in a million years.

This blood is on our hands.

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