Minority Caucuses Support Bernie Sanders and Friends

Jaymes Powell Jr. with Bernie Sanders

The African American Caucus and the Hispanic-American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party present their perspectives on primary candidates from President to state officials.

As Tuesday’s all important North Carolina Primary approaches, with hope on one side and a seeming hatred on the other, the African-American and Hispanic-American Caucuses of the North Carolina Democratic Party are not endorsing any Democratic candidate, but both presidents are giving wishful support to several who have stood with minority communities and their issues for decades.

In a prepared statement the 1st Vice President of the African American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Jaymes Powell, Jr. said the following.

“The African-American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party supports members such as Gubernatorial candidate Ken Spaulding, U.S. Senatorial candidate Chris Rey, Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Robert Wilson, Labor Secretary candidate Mazie Ferguson and Marcus Williams for Attorney General. We also support friends like Bernie Sanders for U.S. President, who, like the aforementioned continuously support the African-American community and our friends,” said AAC-NCDP President Linda Wilkins-Daniels, who was fully supported by Hispanic-American Caucus President Marshall Adame.”

“Due to institutional barriers, African-Americans have been left on the side of the road, from jobs to rights to even being gunned down in the streets of North Carolina by persons sworn to protect us and enforce the law, yet there’s no accountability for unjustified homicide from police departments or the justice system.”

“The African-American experience in the Old North State has been harsh since its inception.  From Charlotte to Bladenboro to recently Raleigh – and any point in-between – we support those who seek to improve the lives of African-Americans and minorities consistently and not show up sporadically. Our votes, communities and lives matter. I unapologetically support those who support our communities every day and stand in solidarity with Marshall Adame to support those who address minority issues.”

Adame agreed with his ally, noting minority candidates and their supporters need to be strongly considered, especially considering the size of the two communities in North Carolina.

“As the President of the NCDP Hispanic American Caucus, it is my duty to politically organize, educate, inform, advise and to lead the 1.4 million Hispanics who call North Carolina home.  This is a solemn responsibility. Minority affairs and issues in North Carolina weigh heavily upon the hearts and minds of our Hispanic, African American and other minority communities. Justice and equality continue to evade our populations.”

“Minorities and the poor in North Carolina are subjected regularly to humiliating and discriminatory treatment at the ballot box, in our courtrooms and in our public education system. We will support candidates for office who will stand and unabashedly defend the rights and liberties of the poor, and minority citizens in North Carolina and throughout the country.”

“Those who support health care for all, strong and effective public schools, an end to the war upon the poor and an overhaul of the institutionalized racism within our justice and prison systems will have our support and may call upon us for support.”

“We stand with those candidates who stand with the working men and women of America and the minorities who make up a great proportion of those Americans. We support candidates who believe the issues facing minorities are issues facing America.”

Jaymes Powell, Jr. is the 1st Vice President of the African American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party.


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