New York Times Public Editor to Analyze Lack of Bernie Sanders Coverage

All of us know how little Bernie is talked about compared to the other candidates. Apparently some of the complaining is at least getting through, at least in the New York Times, who has been one of the biggest offenders in perpetuating the BernieBlackout. This just goes to show that when enough people stand up and say something they are forced to listen.

From New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan:

Many Times readers have been asking me, over months now, to examine the paper’s coverage of Bernie Sanders’s presidential run. It’s even reached the point where, in comments to my blog posts, on completely unrelated topics, readers are complaining about what they see as dismissive coverage and asking that the matter get my attention. (See the top reader-recommended comment by Robert Roth here.)

“Stop the media blackout on candidates who are not Donald Trump or Secretary Hillary Clinton,” Roswell Colt Deutscher wrote in an email to me. And Chris Switzer, in an email criticizing Sanders coverage earlier in the summer, wrote: “I’ve enjoyed my subscription to the Times but I would like to see better coverage of the issues, less coverage of the personalities, and a little bit of parity among the candidates.”

This post is just to say that I’ve heard your requests and over the next few days, with the help of my assistant, Joumana Khatib, I will be doing a content analysis of the coverage. I hope to publish a post soon, letting readers know what I’ve found in terms of quantity, placement and tone.

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G.A. Casebeer

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