New Yorkers: A Vote for Bernie Puts You on the Right Side of History

New York

Now that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has won the last eight Democratic primary contests, the establishment has unleashed a hurricane of yellow journalism to sap his strength before New York votes on April 19.  Though former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still holds a majority of delegates, the Democratic Party is growing increasingly concerned about her viability as the general election nominee:  She has record-high negative favorability ratings, is still at risk of federal indictment, and has been unable to get past her Wall Street, corporate image.  Though Hillary Clinton has done well in the primaries and racked up tons of delegates, she appears to have lost momentum.

Basically, the establishment is trying to push an ailing Clinton across the Democratic nomination finish line before her candidacy sinks entirely.  This is a very silly strategy when you consider that there is a second race to be run.  Though the Democratic Party establishment, mainstream media, corporate America, and Hollywood power structure would love to see Hillary Clinton crowned as our next president, it makes more sense for the Democratic Party to run the better candidate who actually inspires voters and has a clean background.  To be fair, most of the establishment likely had no idea that Clinton would turn out to be such a lemon of a candidate.

When Hillary Clinton launched her second presidential bid, running as a moderate centrist, few could have predicted that she would be so tremendously outclassed.  By the time Super Tuesday rolled around on March 1, Clinton had essentially stopped debating policy proposals and instead prostrated herself at the feet of Barack Obama, pandering to minorities by pledging fealty to the legacy of America’s first non-white president.  When Bernie Sanders began his big winning streak in late March, Hillary Clinton added playing the victim to her campaign platform.  Today, the former Secretary of State has devolved into the candidate of “no, we can’t” and “he’s picking on me.”

What has taken the fight out of Hillary Clinton, the politician who is oft lauded as a voracious policy wonk?  Why is Clinton not using her supposed experience and expertise to engage in rigorous debate with the hippie septuagenarian from tiny Vermont?  With all of Clinton’s alleged skills, why isn’t she steamrolling Bernie Sanders on the policy front?

I think most people know why, even if they are not ready to admit it.  Bernie Sanders is on the right side of history.  What’s right is right, and it’s hard to argue against it.  This is why Hillary Clinton has given no speeches against universal health care, tuition-free public higher education for qualified students, or the necessity of a modern New Deal.  She knows that her opposition to these bold reforms is a doomed position.  This is why Clinton clings to tired finger-pointing about gun control and foreign policy.

Because she is on the wrong side of history, Hillary Clinton knows she will get shredded in any fair fight over Bernie Sanders’ policy proposals.  Fortunately for her, the mainstream media has largely shielded her from any heat on this front:  When was the last time anyone asked Clinton to explain her opposition to Bernie Sanders’ two boldest proposals?  When has any mainstream media journalist asked how Clinton can be a strong defender of universal, tuition-free K-12 public education but be opposed to universal health care and tuition-free public higher education for qualified students?

If Hillary Clinton is not on the wrong side of history, why will she not defend her positions?  Why does the mainstream media shield her so carefully?

Voters of New York, I want you to think long and hard about which Democratic presidential candidate is on the right side of history.  If you truly believe that Hillary Clinton’s defense of the status quo is what will be smiled upon by historians, then please vote for her.  But if you believe that historians will point to all the economic evidence of today and insist that genuine reform was needed, you should cast your ballot for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

If you believe that America needed its past revolutions, which include the Revolutionary War, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Common School Movement, the Suffrage Movement, the New Deal, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Women’s Rights Movement, then you cannot, in good conscience, claim that Bernie Sanders’ political revolution is not needed.  

On April 19, I urge you to be on the right side of history.  As a history teacher, I can imagine what historians will write about the 2016 Democratic primaries…and they’re not praising Hillary Clinton.


Calvin Wolf

By day, Calvin Wolf is a high school social studies teacher. By night, he is a freelance writer and novelist, penning political thrillers and commentary on politics, education, economics, foreign policy, and culture. In the past, he's worked as a professional cartoonist and as a backpacking guide. He once stood between a mother bear and her cub and emerged unscathed!

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