Now is the Time to Fight for Net Neutrality

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Imagine being sent a an email, but never receiving it, because your internet provider blocked it. This is a reality in the world of text messages, and with the end of net neutrality, threatens to become a reality for all internet activities.

In the year 2015, millions of concerned citizens applied pressure on the FCC to adopt net neutrality rules, to keep the internet free and open. As a consequence, people were able to access and share information without interference. Prices were stable and competitive. And then Ajit Pai (Pai was an FCC “commissioner” under former President Barack Obama, but opposed the Obama’s net neutrality philosophy). He has long opposed net neutrality, and, with President Trump’s support, simply ended it, and the regulations that went with it.

There is, however, some hope. Our elected officials may actually choose to support “we the people” by reversing the decision of Ajit Pai to roll back net neutrality. Most Democrats support net neutrality, but the majority of Republicans do not, instead supporting lobbyists and the people who pay them. However, Republicans have expressed surprise at the feedback they’ve received, and may vote to support net neutrality for fear of losing their jobs. (If you have Republican senators or a Republican representative, “NOW” is the time to pressure them with emails and phone calls.)

Craig Aaron, the president of an organization called “Free Press,” one of several groups fighting for net neutrality, described the behavior of phone and cable lobbyists. He said,

“They’re panicking right now, and they’re about to spend a lot of money to put a lot of pressure on legislators. Republicans, Democrats, federal, state, they’re gonna try to really push back on this wave of support for net neutrality, but as that grows, there’s a great opportunity to really put a lot of pressure on those companies to change their ways on this issue.”

Millennials, and business people, are especially upset with the FCC’s reversal of net neutrality. They don’t want big internet providers controlling content, and charging more for some of it, based on the provider’s prejudices, competition, and efforts to maximize profits at the customer’s expense. They want a fair, stable, predictable price, and a consistent processing speed. (Does that seem unreasonable for a service?) In essence, net neutrality is currently about normal people wanting a level playing field for individuals and small business. They are doing battle with big business, who wants to rip their customer base off to maximize profits. (It’s not about customers, it’s about investors.)

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