Ohio Judge Rules in Favor of 17 Year Old Voters


On Friday March 11, an Ohio state judge ruled that teenagers celebrating their 18th birthday before November’s general election are entitled to have their votes for presidential nominees counted in next week’s state primary.”Plaintiffs are entitled to a judgment that the secretary abused his discretion,” Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Richard Frye said in his ruling about Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Nine teenagers from across the state claimed in a lawsuit filed in the court this week that Husted’s interpretation of state law that eliminated their voting rights was incorrect.

The judge said his decision affected “potentially thousands of other 17-year-old voters still eager to participate at next week’s primary election.” He said no secretary of state between 1981 and 2012 had ever adopted the reading of state law he was now overturning.

Husted said he would appeal the decision.“This last-minute legislating from the bench on election law has to stop,” he said in a statement. “Our system cannot give one county court the power to change 30 years of election law for the entire state of Ohio, 23 days into early voting and only four days before an election.”We will appeal this decision because if there is a close election on Tuesday we need clarity from the Supreme Court to make sure that ineligible voters don’t determine the outcome of an election,” he added.

It goes with out saying who would have benefited the most during the Democratic nomination process from this appalling move of blatant voter suppression. Of course it is Hillary Clinton. Back in May of 2015, when Hillary Clinton looked to be inevitable, her legal counsel Marc Elias slapped Ohio with a federal lawsuit aimed at curbing alleged voter suppression tactics.

But that was before they were taking Bernie Sanders or any other candidate seriously. They were already looking beyond the actual nomination process and looking instead towards the general election. So now that they will actually benefit from this, will they continue the fight? What about her supporters that know how much support Sanders has among the youth? Will they be true Democrats and stand up to this insanity if it means more votes for their opponent?

The Sanders campaign acted swiftly and sued Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted in federal court over his unconstitutional attempt to block young voters from casting ballots.

“It is an outrage that the secretary of state in Ohio is going out of his way to keep young people – significantly African-American young people, Latino young people – from participating.” – Bernie Sanders

Where is DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s response to this? She should have been attacking Husted hard on this issue with a team of lawyers. Instead she stood by silently further cementing the belief that she has been “secretly” helping Clinton in every way she possibly can.

Source: http://reuters.com

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