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Our journey began with you. The Bern Report is a grassroots movement with over 43,000 Facebook fans and around 11,000 Twitter followers and is growing quickly. This website averages over 1 million views per month. During the course of last year you have held us up, shouted your support, and let it be heard that you demand representation in the media. Help us stay on top as we rocket into the future as a leader in progressive politics and reporting. We are nothing without you, and our thanks will never be enough. Instead, we pledge truth and integrity in every article. A small business begins with an idea in the living room and is made or broken on the hard work of the creators. Money makes it easier, much easier, and our personal coffers have begun to run dry.

We need help to grow into our next stage of providing free media and progressive platform information.

Please check out our GoFundMe campaign HERE

TBR is a grassroots progressive news organization of volunteers funded entirely from their own donations. At current, admin of TBR pays all expenses and writers out of pocket. Our movement goes beyond a single candidate, and into the future of progressive news, activism, events, job listings, and Co-Op opportunities.

This election cycle has made it undeniable that there is little truth and integrity left in journalism. Mainstream news outlets are beholden to advertisers and maintaining revenue numbers. This includes the publication of non-marked advertorials that appear on their sites and in print. These advertorials are purchased by advertisers, and have been paid to contain certain content. The ability to pay for what is written removes investigative reporting and truth and accuracy in media.

All funds raised will be put to administration of The Bern Report such as dedicated server fees, providing travel expenses for reporters/photographers to events, contributing to living wages of reporters, and keeping us up and running without advertising dollars. Funds are needed immediately to help offset the out of pocket cost to place writers at the National Convention in Philadelphia.

Please check out our GoFundMe campaign HERE

This last year has provided a highlight reel of memories for our group of dedicated writers, photographers and activists. We have attended countless Bernie events, Marches, meetings at campaign offices, protests and many rallies with Bernie there. When I met Bernie’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver in Seattle in March he instantly knew what The Bern Report was and said it was great. We were also flattered when progressive talk show host Thom Hartmann discovered our website and talked about it on air one day last fall. Yes, this last year has been amazing but we have much more work to do.

The Bern Report is our passion, and we strive to deliver content that is relevant, important, and imparts a future to believe in that is achievable for all. Your contribution is invaluable to us and we thank you.

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