1. #DemDebate

  2. Christopher Boone

    Bernie won!!!

  3. Rick Karcich

    #feelthebern #BernieSanders

  4. He’s for the American people not for the money like hillary

  5. Thomas Rittenhouse

    Bernie Sanders

  6. robin michelin

    feeling the bern

  7. Bernie was on fire. Hillary had a hard time reaching for answers and never actually answered questions asked. Queen of deflection. Martin O’Malley shows why he’s VP material. Some excellent points and contrast to two others.

  8. Denise Crawford

    he was solid and very right on track ,, i do wonder if Andrea Michell ‘s in his face was a shot back to the time , when Bernie got all over her Husband Alen Greenspan in a Senate hearing years back

  9. Bernie Sanders has a forty year track record of fighting for us, the people, the ninety nine percent. I believe with all my heart and soul that he will help heal our country from the government and corporate greed, corruption, pollution, destruction of the environment… for us and our children’s futures. The Clintons are criminals plain and simple, they have a forty year history of felonious activities, lying, stealing and destroying the integrity of this country by taking away the people’s power and giving it to the corporations and billionaires. Why!? Because they’re addicts, they’re addicted to money, power and prestige and deep down inside they are miserable, extremely sick and heartless people!

  10. Jerry Vitale


  11. sherri McNamara

    Bern baby bern

  12. Teri Garrison-Kinsman

    You have deepened my commitment to see you leading the national. Excellent debate.

  13. Although Mrs Clinton is a great debater and speaker she has started taking up all of the issues that Bernie has been talking about from the start. She is smart but a flip flopper and will say whatever will get her elected. She wrapped herself in President Obama’s coat but 7yrs ago he was the worse thing on earth, Bernie tells it like it is period.

  14. Natalie Gray

    Bernie won. Very clearly.

  15. Every poll I’ve checked has unequivocally demonstrated Bernie won the debate, and further, is rapidly gaining the votes of the people who matter: the majority who suffer under the powerful face of structure of oppression! #Feelthebern! Even republicans I speak to like him–which is something I have not experienced before. This is an exciting time in history, and i’m glad to be part of the change. I don’t make that much money when I factor in my loan payment, credit card payments, and other bills, but I am contributing money to Bernie’s campaign because I’m ready to see a human in office who holds the interest of all people (People of color, LGBT, women, and other minorities), and not the interest of big corporations!

  16. bernie gray

    Chicago Southland for Bernie Sanders

  17. margaret m hench

    Thank you Bernie! Without your leadership, right now much of this country would be in a state of despair over our future. I’m not sure how to deal with the mainstream media that is biased and plays dirty. I’ll just keep on working. mm hench

  18. Roberto Alvarez

    Bernie will create a better progressive and strong Democratic party it the Democratic party does not support Bernie it will be the end of the Democratic party.

  19. David Martin

    As a proud Michigan supporter of Bernie Sanders and as a member and frequent contributor to our Facebook page in support of the Senator, Bay County for Bernie, I think that Senator Bernie Sanders won tonight’s Democrat Debate hands down by a landslide.

  20. Jane Malick-Nugent

    So thrilled that Bernie clarified the differences between himself and Clinton, passionately! Loved that he said that she was “disingenuous” after she continued to lie about his position. He has to call her on the lies and distortions and I feel that tonight he struck an excellent balance between setting the record straight, not tolerating anyone’s nonsense and then getting back to the message. Bravo!!

  21. Mary Gold

    A lifelong Dem, I have not been supporting party because of dishonest collusion bet HC & DWS & of coercion, etc of other Dems that object, & finding “loopholes” to raise more $ for her/you together, share offices, etc. Need to clean up your act, please. Meanwhile, All my support goes to Bernie Sanders! For the people, not bought! Integrity matters.#Bernie2016