A House United: Could a Progressive Coalition Lead the Sanders Revolution?


“Now is the time to transform America…when people are

united there is nothing, nothing, nothing that can stop us.”

Bernie Sanders

Progressive voters are the sleeping giant in American politics. Awoken and angry, they could dominate the electorate, and transform the political landscape. And they could do it in a single election.

Sanders’ revolutionary campaign has been historic, but it has only scratched the surface. The progressive power base is the largest untapped political resource in this country. So why hasn’t it yet manifested? Simple. Too few vote, and those that do, often vote without a unified purpose.

The Progressive Independent Party is a newly formed organization that aims to merge the splintered factions of the left in order to “create a unified voting block.” They are calling for the Green Party, Democratic Socialists, Progressive Democrat, and Sanders campaign to form a coalition whose primary goal is to put Sanders into the White House and elect progressive candidates to all levels of government.

This is, admittedly, an ambitious task for any organization, even more so for one that has only recently come into existence. In the coming months they will need a great deal of financial support, and dedicated labor from volunteers. They will also need to formalize their organizational structure and codify their objectives. However, the principle is simple and sound – unite progressives. The establishment has remained in power simply because we have been divided. It’s time for that to end.

While supporting Sanders is the clear goal today, there are some avenues which support that objective but also may sow the seeds of great future benefits. Voter education, for example, is sorely lacking in the progressive movement. People are frequently unaware of their local voting rules and regulations, and they are often poorly informed about progressive candidates running in their state and local elections. Combining voter education with voter registration would certainly help drive voter turnout, but it would also establish familiarity and trust between voters and the new organization.

Sanders has revived a drowsy, disaffected progressive movement. Yet, even if he defies the odds and wins the nomination and the Presidency, he will still need a radical turnover at all levels of government to enact his policies. In the chaos of 2016, a third party might simply get lost in the shuffle. However, a grassroots coalition that seeks to educate and coordinate the progressive revolution could be the catalyst that unleashes the sleeping giant.

For more information on the Progressive Independent Party, or to donate, go here. For the latest updates join their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.


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Joseph Bisoglio

Joseph graduated with a BA in English from UCLA. He worked in entertainment for 10 years before deciding to pursue a career in science. Joseph studied Psychology at Columbia University and worked in cognitive neuroscience research at the Columbia University Medical Center. He is currently completing his pre-med coursework at UC Berkeley in preparation for a career in medicine. Joseph is a passionate progressive whose strongest political beliefs center on climate change, voter rights and campaign finance reform.

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