Real Strength

I love Facebook. You can learn so many things on Facebook. This morning I learned that Jesus loves me; cats can balance Q-tips on their noses; I have a guardian angel who will protect me if I both like and share; moms are nice things to have; and America needs a strong president (with the for once implied).


I keep seeing this call for a “strong” president, almost always connected with a post regarding Donald Trump and often accompanied by a pledge to vote for him even “if I have to write him in” because he’s strong.

He is. He’s WWE kind of strong. WWE, that’s World Wrestling Entertainment.

Donald Trump’s relationship with WWE goes back to 1998. In 2009 Trump and WWE CEO Vince McMahon cooked up a publicity stunt where Trump supposedly bought Monday Night Raw from McMahon and then later sold it back. In 2007 after a pay-per-view “Battle of the Billionaires,” Trump shaved McMahon’s head when that billionaire’s proxy wrestler lost to Trump’s proxy wrestler. WWE strong. Fake strong. Scripted strong. Lots of bravado and shouting and choreographed combat that no one believes is real any more but everyone-loves-it-anyway strong. Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 without ever having faced a real (fake) wrestler.

Well, it worked for Jesse Ventura, right?

And we need a strong president. Not because we haven’t had one. President Obama’s strength in the face of the organized opposition on the right to anything he has tried to do to help our nation has been nothing short of heroic. We need a strong president because the challenges that will face the next occupant of the Oval Office will be nothing short of overwhelming.

Let me tell you about the real strength we need in our next president.

We need someone with the strength of his convictions.

Someone who has worked for civil rights for over 40 years; who was arrested for protesting segregation then and who is still protesting institutional racism; someone with a 100% rating from the ACLU and the NAACP.

Someone who called for the end to all laws related to homosexuality over forty years ago and who is still championing LGBT rights.

Someone who had the guts to stand before congress and say that that the war in Iraq was wrong and who has the guts to stand before the American people now and say that war is a last resort, not the method of choice for resolving international issues.

Someone who is not a part of the billionaire class who is willing to stand up to the billionaire class and say, “You cannot continue to dismantle our country. Not on my watch.”

That’s strength.

We need someone with the strength of intellectual honesty.

Someone who understands that when middle class incomes are shrinking it is totally unacceptable for corporations like GE and Apple to pay NO income tax.

Someone who understands that no matter how good a platform is, one man cannot solve all of our problems alone. It will take all of us working together.

That’s the strength we need.

The strength to, at 74 years of age, get up every morning and campaign from dawn to well past dusk; to speak several times a day, sometimes in unbearable heat. The strength to fly coach and try to prepare a campaign for the presidency on that little tray while in the center seat.   The strength to spend the first day of Rosh Hashanah at a university founded by Jerry Falwell, trying to find shared ground with those who hold different views.

That’s strength. No bravado. No choreographed takedowns. No proxy wrestlers. No sweet deals between billionaires.

That’s real strength.

That’s the strength of Bernie Sanders.

sanders credit wiki

It’s why I support him.

It’s why you should support him.


Educate yourself.

Educate your friends.

Enough is Enough.

Roger A. Shipley - The Willowbrook Curmudgeon

Roger Shipley, AKA The Willowbrook Curmudgeon, spent forty years teaching in the American educational system and emerged a grumpy old man. Ensconced in the Pacific Northwest, he writes, carves, and chides people for bad grammar. You can also find his grumblings at The Curmudgeon's Lair or follow his nonsense on Twitter or Face Book

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