Revolt! You don’t need Bernie to have a Rally

Revolt! You don’t need Bernie to have a Rally

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We need a resolution.

We have all put in so much work! Spent so many hours trying to spread the truth. Not just ideals and speculation, but….  Data…… Results over time…., National Polls….. And what have we found every single time? The truth isn’t that important to the establishment. In fact they rather you pay attention to something else.

Did you know that 42% (give or take the margin of error) of registered American voters are Independents? Do you also know that millions of your fellow free thinkers are cheated out of their vote every election cycle? That means almost half of the country cannot vote simply because they missed a deadline for registration (where they must choose Democrat or Republican). This is despite the well known fact that people tend not to know much about the election until the month or even week of voting.

The pundits will blame you the citizens for not being aware. But, our taxes have actually been funneled into programs, in some states, that are meant to educate and explain the recent voting deadlines/changes?  You’ve probably never heard of them. And why is that? Because the money often never gets used for those purposes. Where does it go? Cayman Islands? I’m only half joking…

Realistically, there is no reason for a person to have to register as a Democrat or Republican before they vote,….. oh …. well….except for #voter suppression. News Flash: The establishment doesn’t want you to vote. Especially not that half of the country that has been straight up in saying, “No I will not conform to your 2 party system”, by registering as independents. Furthermore, how many more people will switch to independent after the shenanigans of this election? Because word out in the streets goes something like this….


We watched Bill Clinton mosey into Massachusetts polling stations with the mayor in tow, give speeches with his blow horn outside, then rub elbows with voters in the polling stations (which is 100% illegal and nothing has been done). We have seen the letters being sent to people directing them to the wrong polling stations. We have watched as thousands of polling stations were closed all around the country. We have watched, time after time, large masses of people being purged from the voting registry. The latest being over 100,000 people in Brooklyn. Which is where Bernie Sanders was born and raised….. Come on….

We have watched the exit polls….


We have watched Bernie Sanders get more individual donations than any other president in history! We have seen with our own eyes Bernie’s rallies absolutely dwarf Clinton’s in every single state. Where are all of these people on the day of voting? Got #VoterSuppression?

What do you think will happen if we all allow Hillary Clinton and the establishment to steal this election? Not this…


So this is the point. And it isn’t a radical idea. Remember this?


You don’t need Bernie to have a rally. If anything, Bernie needs you to have rallies independent of him. What if all of those who were purged from the rolls had marched the day after hearing about voter suppression tactics and disenfranchisement? 100,000 or more in the streets would send a message. We might not be seeing the lackadaisical attitude that we are seeing now. You know, stuff like Clinton’s’ buddies doing the investigations into our botched elections….

I’m not #BernieOrBust Im #RevolutionOrBust 

When is Enough truly Enough? Maybe when the validity of our votes are being questioned in multiple states!?!? Maybe when every electoral discrepancy benefits Hillary Clinton?!? Brothers and sisters I give you the inner workings of an oligarchy. Now is the time to change it.

Bernie has gotten us this far. It’s time to take him to the promised land. Imagine if we all stood up together and marched on Washington to demand fair treatment of everyday citizens of voting age.  What if we coordinated and walked on every State Capitol at the same time with the same demand? “Let our votes count! We don’t want rigged election machines, closed primaries, and early voting. We want paper ballots and the whole process to be filmed from multiple angles. Now. Not later. Not 4 years from now”. Do you think you would still have all of our “so called” leaders saying, “Well the system is just the way it is”? They had better not. Because this isn’t just a movement. This is a mass awakening. Bernie Sanders has made us care about our own lives enough to pay attention to what is going on in our political system. And God bless him for it.

Hillary is the only front-runner not complaining about voter suppression tactics. And why is that?!?!? Because this was her plan the whole time. When she says, and i’m paraphrasing, “I took those enormous payments for speeches because I really didn’t think I was going to be running for president”, what you should be hearing is, “If I weren’t running for president. I would still be being bribed publicly by the companies that wrote the T.P.P. bill for me”


Bernie said it himself. We shouldn’t listen to him. You know why? Because he knows damn well that he should listen to us. That has been one of his greatest gifts as a politician. The ability to listen attentively to the needs of the people, and then take action without ego. To do what every money grubbing politician pretends to do. Serve the people they represent.

If we can’t make the system change in a way that is fair now, we have no other choice, but to demand that Bernie have a plan B to run in November. He is beholden to us. Not the DNC. He doesn’t need to answer to the fear mongering statements of the establishment. Nonsense like, “You have to vote for Hillary or else you will split the party and a republican will win”. Its called a bluff.

The DNC has been funneling money to Hillary since before this election even started. They and Debbie Wasserman Schultz have even gone as far as to suppress debate. When does it end? When will you become the true manifestation of #EnoughIsEnough?


Petitions are great. I love em. I sign em. But when it comes down to it, nothing makes our system work better then when we all stand up as the overwhelming majority that we are, and demand immediate action.


We Are The Majority! YOU are the Majority!!!! So Wake Up and Smell the Health Care!



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