Sanders Campaign Raised a Whopping $20 Million In January


The campaign for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced on Sunday that they hauled in a whopping total of 20 million dollars for the month of January. The average contribution remains low at $27, which is great news for the campaign because most of these people likely have a long way to go before their donation threshold has been reached.

The campaign also says that they have received over 3.25 million individual contributions so far, with 770,000 of those coming in the first month of 2016. No Presidential campaign has ever had more donations at this point. The campaign also noted Sunday that rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign has relied heavily on donors who have maxed out and can no longer donate.

“The numbers we’ve seen since Jan. 1 put our campaign on pace to beat Secretary Clinton’s goal of $50 million in the first quarter of 2016,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said in a statement. “Working Americans chipping in a few dollars each month are not only challenging but beating the greatest fundraising machine ever assembled.”

According to the campaign, they plan to file a year-end Federal Election Commission report Sunday that shows he raised about $33.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2015. The fundraising total for 2015 came in at around $73 million with 70 percent of the money coming from donors contributing less than $200. It also will state that just 1.3 percent of the donors were at the maximum limit.

The Sanders campaign also used the announcement to further show just how different Bernie’s “people powered” campaign is compared to the Clinton machine that seems more interested in high dollar fund-raisers and super PAC money.

knock Clinton for her financial support from Wall Street and a super PAC.

“As Secretary Clinton holds high-dollar fundraisers with the nation’s financial elite, our supporters have stepped up in a way that allows Bernie to spend the critical days before the caucuses talking to Iowans about his plans to fix a rigged economy and end a corrupt system of campaign finance,” Weaver said. “Bernie’s campaign is built for the long haul and we look forward to bringing his message to voters all across the nation, and to drawing millions of new people into the Democratic Party primary process.”

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