Sanders Campaigns Sues DNC – Read the Lawsuit

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) campaign has decided to sue the Democratic National Committee in federal court Friday evening following the suspension of his campaign from the DNC’s voter database after a security breach.

The suit claims that the campaign is losing $600,000 in donations each day and with the history of his campaign that number might be a little low. The campaign says that it does not have access to the data, and adds that the “damage to the campaign’s political viability as a result of being unable to communicate with constituents and voters, is far more severe, and incapable of measurement.”

The suit claims that the loss of the voter file could “significantly disadvantage, if not cripple, a Democratic candidate’s campaign for public office.” It also argues that the agreement between the candidate and the DNC mandates that a candidate get 10 days written notice to fix any issue before the party can restrict access.

“The DNC’s unwarranted, unilateral suspension of the Campaign’s Voter Data access directly impacts one of the nation’s most important electoral races, and carries political implications on a national scale,” the suit says.

Read the lawsuit HERE



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    Restore Bernie Sander’s voter files

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