Sanders Crushes Clinton Among Young Independents in New Reuters Poll


Reuters October 23In the latest  Reuters poll released October 23, 2015, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in 18 – 39 age group and in some cases the lead is huge, over 20%. While the headlines will read “Clinton Maintains Lead” (or some variation) if a few filters are applied, such as age, “white only”, “female”…etc,  Bernie is ahead and in some instances way ahead. The truth is, he leads in most categories.

Setting the filter to 18 – 29 year old voters, Sanders is crushing Clinton with a 20% lead.  If the filter is set to 18 – 39 year old voters Sanders’ maintains a lead of 2%. Add the “White Only” filter and his lead is at around 11% Increasing the age group to include those 18 – 49 “White Only” still shows Sanders with a 2 point lead. Add “Independent” to the filter and Sanders’ lead increases to 4% and considered that is by far the largest amount of the US population, this bodes well for Bernie.

The Senator from Vermont that is winning over the hearts and minds of what seems like an entire generation has made great strides in the polling department. Depending on which polls you want to believe, he leads Clinton in Iowa and in New Hampshire and a recent poll in California show him making huge gains in the Golden State and with a few filters applied, he’s ahead there as well.

Poll Season

Of course let’s keep in mind that, like all polls this one should be taken with a grain of salt but it does show a growing trend within the younger crowd. After all it is polling season and they are all over the place and it seems to come down to the “It depends on who you ask” routine.  CNN, in spite of the polls we listed earlier in this article, recently hosted the Democratic Debate and afterwards had  Clinton way out in front, in fact their poll actually shows her gaining, which is of course the complete opposite what is happening in most of the polls and online in general. Depends on who you ask.

Whenever a news organization posts something about the candidates, the overwhelming responses are in favor of Bernie Sanders. Now some people are quick to dismiss that sort of thing. Those people say, “well that’s just online support”, “Clinton has the delegates or is leading in the national polls” or something to that effect. But they’d be foolish to dismiss the sort of power that the #FeelTheBern grassroots movement has. The trick is to convert that massive amount of online support into actual voters. Bernie leads in the largest category, the youth, but that demographic hasn’t been known to get out and vote. But this time will be different. We are going to do this.

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G.A. Casebeer

5 thoughts on “Sanders Crushes Clinton Among Young Independents in New Reuters Poll

  • October 24, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    Bernie Sanders has true leadership qualities and abilities: He has demonstrated over many years that he is kind, humble, honest, intelligent, energetic, experienced, and is passionate about building a stronger USA for all the children growing up in it. For every child who succeeds, another child will succeed somewhere up the road. Get out there and spread the word about Bernie and don’t forget to vote! Our country and the kids growing up in it depend on your vote!

  • October 24, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    People keep talking about whether we can get Bernie’s supporters to come out and vote in the election. But that can’t happen unless they come out and vote IN THE PRIMARIES! If Bernie isn’t the Democratic nominee, then we’ll never have a chance to elect him President. We have to get people registered and get them to come out and vote IN THE PRIMARIES.

  • October 26, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    As far as CNN’s poll showing Hillary in the lead, remember a similar poll from Fox showing Romney/Ryan in the lead in 2012 Presidential election. They’re still trying to figure out want went wrong. I imagine if you own a network you can post whatever numbers you want but it doesn’t make it so.

  • October 27, 2015 at 7:22 am

    Remember many states only allow democrats to vote in democratic primaries, so do your homework! If your state has closed primaries switch your status to democrat (you can switch back to whatever afterwards) so you can vote in the primaries for him. If he doesn’t win the primaries he will not be in the general election.

    I live in NC where we have what are called hybrid primaries. As no party affiliation I can choose which primary to vote in without switching. We also allow youths to vote in the primary if they are 17 as long as they will be 18 before the general election.

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