Sanders Demolishes Clinton in Washington and Alaska

Bernie5529-FeaturedI don’t watch a whole lot of corporate media but I’m sure if I did, I would see them trying to spin the results of today’s caucuses in Washington and Alaska in favor of Hillary Clinton. We are still waiting to hear about the caucuses in the Aloha State but the first two, delivered a strong message to the establishment.

While the final numbers aren’t in yet, Sanders is ahead by roughly 50 points in Washington, with 30% percent of the precincts reporting and a bit farther north in Alaska, he leads her by around 65 points with over three quarters of the precincts reporting. Let’s see them try to spin that. The likely spin is that he was expected to win these states but he wasn’t expected to win by these numbers and a few months ago wasn’t supposed to win anything other than Vermont.

As a life long resident of Washington state, I feel a great sense of pride that people here took the initiative to get involved with the process. I cannot begin to count the amount of people I know on a personal level that never cared about politics that were gushing with excitement to go caucus today. I was inside the media area of Safeco Field for the rally there, just as I was five days earlier in Key Arena and I think most of us knew there was something magical going on and that carried over to the caucuses, just how it’s supposed to work.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders – Safeco Field March 25, 2015 (Staff Photo)

But let me be honest, while I knew we had a great deal of support here in the Evergreen state, one just never really knows how many people will actually take it to the next level and spend some of their time to show up. It didn’t take long on caucus day to know the answer to that question though.  At my caucus location that included 10 precincts, I had a pretty good feeling early on as people started walking up. I was a Caucus Site Leader so I got there a bit early and the first 40 or 50 people that showed up were Bernie supporters. And those numbers held up. Sanders won the raw vote 79% to 21%.

I was busy during the caucus so I couldn’t pay attention to social media but when I got home, my newsfeed was flooded with jubilant Washingtonians that seemingly felt like they had done something epic, which they indeed had. They sent another message to the political establishment, a message that they have been itching to send for, in some cases, several months and even years.

I also have a lot of friends in Alaska and Bernie dominated there too, as he was expected to do but the numbers are staggering. These two wins, coupled with whatever happens in Hawaii will demonstrate that this race is far from over, in fact the math works in his favor. But let’s not forget that he brought home massive wins in Idaho and Utah earlier this week, so as it stands right now he has won 4 out of the last 5 states by margins of over 50%.

I have been predicting for quite some time now that this race will come down to what happens in California and that is looking more and more like a real possibility. A little bird told me so.  #PoliticalRevolution



G.A. Dunlap

2 thoughts on “Sanders Demolishes Clinton in Washington and Alaska

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    March 26, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    Lame stream Media to late to the party should we let them cover Bernie? maybe we shouldn’t Seems like this and Bernie is being Streamed !! and we are WINNING so I say who needs em. Kick em to the curb with Hilly

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    March 27, 2016 at 4:58 am

    The media was reporting the inclusion of super-delegates again and making it sound like Bernie is far behind.

    Congratulations about Washington. I know the feeling as my state of Michigan came through and defied the so-called experts of punditry. Believe me, the pre-primary polls made me nervous, but I had predicted a win based on how I perceived the energy of Bernie volunteers.

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