Sanders Endorses 8 More Progressive Candidates

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has officially announced an additional eight progressive candidates that he is endorsing for their upcoming elections.

He sent an email to his national fundraising list in support of eight candidates running for seats in state legislatures around the country. Sanders previously used his small-dollar fundraising juggernaut to raise funds for four congressional candidates, Lucy Flores of Nevada, Pramila Jayapal of Washington, Zephyr Teachout of New York and Tim Canova of Florida.

“Bernie believes that the path toward bold change requires leaders to take back control of state capitols around the country and ensure fair redistricting in 2020,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. “The leaders we’re raising money for today are the members of Congress, senators and presidential candidates of tomorrow.”

Today, they are state representatives running for re-election or challenging to win their first race. Tomorrow, they’ll be progressives running for Congress and maybe even the presidency. And in 2020, they’ll help determine how congressional districts are drawn for the remainder of the next decade — a key to Democrats taking back and holding the House of Representatives for the decade to come.

Justin Bamberg is a state representative from South Carolina who was an early endorser of Hillary Clinton’s campaign but switched his endorsement before the primary because of Bernie’s work for “racial, social, and economic justice.” Justin won his last election by ONLY 113 votes and needs our support in what’s sure to be another close race this November. Follow @JustinBamberg on Twitter.

David Bowen is the son of Jamaican immigrants who is running for his second term in the Wisconsin State Legislature. He fought for and won a living wage for Milwaukee city employees and is a progressive champion Wisconsin needs. Follow @DavidFBowen on Twitter.

Clara Hart is a refugee from Mozambique whose family fled from violence when she was just 8 years old. Now she’s running for the South Dakota House, where she hopes to continue her work for immigrant families. Follow @ClaraHart14 on Twitter.

Terry Alexander is a representative in the South Carolina legislature who supports raising the minimum wage, expanding health care, and protecting the right to vote. He is a courageous legislator who I’m proud to support. Follow @RepTAlexander on Twitter.

Carol Ammons became the first African-American woman to win election in her district of the Illinois State Legislature, scoring an upset election victory against a well-funded establishment opponent. She’s fighting for progressive issues and candidates and deserves our support. Follow @StateRepAmmons on Twitter.

Chris Pearson is running for the Vermont State Senate after spending four terms in the Vermont House of Representatives. He is a champion on the issues of livable wages, strong labor union advocacy, climate change, and voting rights. This year he was able to pass a bill into law for automatic voter registration. Chris is a good friend of working people and of mine. Follow @RepCP on Twitter.

Jane Kim is the first Korean American to win election in San Francisco, and she’s running to become a California state senator. The daughter of immigrants, Jane is a civil rights attorney who’s fought for affordable housing and fair wages in her city. Follow @JaneKim on Twitter.

Joe Salazar is a representative to Colorado’s state house who is a tireless advocate for stopping fracking, protecting civil rights, and advancing criminal justice reform. He won his last election by just 221 votes, and your support will go a long way to helping him win this year. Like Joe Salazar on facebook.

Sanders is asking his supporters to split a contribution between Bernie 2016 and the slate of progressive candidates for state legislatures to send an unmistakable message about our political revolution’s commitment to electing candidates up and down the ballot who share our values.

NOTE: Your contribution will be divided evenly between Bernie Sanders, Carol Ammons,Justin Bamberg, Terry Alexander, David Bowen, Joe Salazar, Clara Hart, Jane Kim, and Chris Pearson. Click here to allocate amounts differently.

“In their home states, these candidates are standing up against the wealthy interests and biggest corporations, and putting working families first,” Weaver added. “Our people-powered campaign is proud to support them.”

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