Sanders Leads Clinton by 10 Nationally in Under 50 Age Group in Latest ABC Poll

Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders did well in the latest ABC poll released on November 22. While the poll that uses landline and cellphones and only contacted 1004 likely voters, including 352 Democrats, and shows Clinton with a lead overall, Sanders leads in the under 50 category by 10 points.

In that demographic, Bernie grabbed 53% and Clinton 43% with the other 4% presumably going to Martin O’Malley, although data for him wasn’t given. That’s significant because nearly half of the American population is between the age of 18 -50. Clinton holds a firm lead with the 50+ crowd but they only make up 25% of the population and likely make up a large percentage of the people being polled because they are much more likely to answer a landline phone than the younger crowd.

Sanders made a huge jump in this demographic though. In October this same ABC poll had Clinton way out in front with 58% to 30% for Bernie. And while she dropped 15% in this current poll, he jumped 23%. That’s a 38 point difference in one month! But before we start doing too many cartwheels, it’s just a poll and if you’ve been following them you know they are all over the place right now. But still it’s good to see the progress in a “national” poll.


Check out the methodology of the ABC poll by Langer Research HERE

Sanders also made a great showing in the Iowa Statewide Youth Caucus a few days ago with a 53% to 15% victory over Clinton. According to the Iowa Secretary of State website 984 youths participated.

Bernie Sanders also won the Drum Poll at the 20/20 Presidential Forum on Saturday: Sanders 65%, Clinton 23%, O’Malley 12%

The drum poll(also known as a straw poll) was conducted at the the 20/20 Presidential Forum on Criminal Justice at Allen University on Saturday November 21, 2015. Attendees were given each a Democratic and a Republican ballot. Sanders’ message of criminal justice reform, which has been a huge part of his platform, seemed to resonate very well with the crowd.


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    November 24, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Wow! This is exciting news to loyal democrats! We must have a true leader who is kind, honest, humble, authentic, energetic, dedicated, intelligent, and experienced! It is obvious by looking at Bernie’s record that he is a true public servant who puts the best interest of the people in this country first, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations!

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